Who's the most famous person you've seen in real life?

Well I’ve seen a few like Derren Brown and I would say Britney Spears would be the most famous. I saw her at her Femme Fatale tour in 2011 and I was actually standing about 10 rows from the front waving the programme! It was really good! So are there any interesting people that you have come across and people you have seen in real life at some point when you have been at various interesting places?

Jimmy Page, in front of his London home. He smiled and said hello to us.

Obama. Even shook his hand. Runner up: Woody Harelso

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in a production of Pinter’s No Man’s Land. Front row center seats.

Oh. Real life interactions. Um, I ran into Poul Anderson at the grocery store once when I was a kid in Orinda, California.

I saw Mel Brooks at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco during the filming of High Anxiety.

I saw The Grateful Dead in a restaurant in Oakland.

Jimmy Stewart in Las Vegas.

I was at the Indianapolis 500 time trials in the mid eighties, walking in the infield. A golf cart came flying by me, so close it startled me. It took a left turn a few yards ahead of me and stopped at a gate in a chain link fence as two guys on the other side ran to open it. As golf cart guy waited he looked towards me and I knew it was someone familiar but took a second or two to realize it was Paul Newman.

I may have seen him twice, not sure about the second time. My family had a place at the lake that is very close to Michigan International Speedway. There were rumors that Newman kept a cottage in the Round Lake/Devil’s Lake area to be close to the track. One day, I was riding my bicycle on the road that runs between the two lakes and I saw some people in the yard at one place and one sure looked like PN. It was far from the fanciest or most secluded place around and I was maybe 100’ away.

I don’t think seeing a performer at a concert or athlete at a game should count. I’d have way too many to list.

I was working at an inn in Massachusetts where Dick Cavett was staying. Had a couple of nice conversations with him.

A few come to mind:

I shook hands with former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
I met the comedian Jonathan Winters in a restaurant once and he actually stopped by to chat with us for a while. A real nice guy.
I met Ray Bradbury at some bookstore event.

I lived in L.A. for awhile so there are lots of celebrities I saw in passing: Ed Asner, Jerry Lewis, Alex Trebek, etc.

Shook Ronald Reagan’s hand.

Chatted with Clyde “the Glide” Drexler, Eric “Sleepy” Floyd, Tom “no nickname” Landry, and Warren Moon.

Did work for John Elway at a couple of his dealerships.

Accidentally groped Shania Twain.

I was at a party once with Stephen Hawking. That’s probably about the best I can do. Runner-up would be Tommy Makem, but although he’s extremely well-known among fans of Irish folk music, probably most outside of that fandom have never heard of him.

I expect, though, that for a very large number of people, the answer is going to be a President of the United States (current or former).

Van Halen
Alice In Chains

And I am friends with Susie Moloney.

I’ve seen some famous performers in concert and some famous athletes at games, in all cases from the middle of large audiences, if you count that as seeing somebody in real life.

I shook hands with Gerald Ford once at a public event.

The most famous people I’ve had interactions with have been criminals.

Bunch of musicians.:smiley:

Most famous?..I had a drink with Joe Pesci.:cool:

“Seen in real life.” If coming out of a stage door counts, without any personal interaction but also not in character or makeup, then Katherine Hepburn, twice, in the 70s.

I’ve seen a couple of Japanese celebrities, most of you wouldn’t know their names. One is a fairly celebrated comic and actor named Tsurube Shofukutei, we saw him in Waikiki, he was eating at the next table (sloppy eater). The other one we saw at an airport, and my (Japanese) husband talked to him for a minute or two. I don’t know his name but he’s a fat comic and he does food commercials among other things.

Seen: Petraeus and Dempsey.

Actually shook hands with: Larry Hama.

I was within 20 feet of all living Apollo astronauts in 1994.


I won’t count concerts or plays. But once Alan Hale Jr. (“The Skipper”) bought me a pitcher of beer for feeding him some straight lines at a club appearance.

Jimmy Carter going by in a parade.

The Clintons. Hank Williams jr. used the same gunsmith Mr.Wrekker used and he was at the guys shop one time when we came in. He was snooty. Sam Walton came to a Wal-Mart opening and we happened to be around and went in and shook his hand.