Bsg 1980

Since the new BSG series is out, I thought it would be time to try and exorcise the demons of BSG 1980 that still haunt me. I still have flashbacks about that show. I think anyone who managed to watch more than one episode should get a pension.

The kid with the bowl cut running the show.
The super kids.
Flying motorcycles.
Ripping off A Christmas Carol in the episode about the pollution.
The show with the V2 rockets where the woman says something like, “Germany almost won the war because of those”.

I can only hope that Karma is real and the people responsible for BSG 1980 were bitten in the ass by it.

I don’t recall such a show. You can not convince me that it ever existed. It’s a rumor, nothing more.

As bad as this show was, one episode, where you find out what happened to Starbuck, was rather good.

 Yes, the rest of the show blew monkey chunks.

No…I found out what happened to Starbuck in a dream. That’s the only explanation, because there was never a show called Battlestar Galactica 1980. Nope. Never happened.

I’d forgotten about Starbuck and the Cylon, marooned together. Now if that happened on the new show, with the new Starbuck, and Number Six… and they got real friendly… Okay. Thank you.

I wish people would not start referring to it as BSG.

I am so utterly sick of these lame initialisms in attempts to appear ‘cool’. Perpetuating it is not helping.

Awwww…what’s the matter, GL? Bad day? :smiley:

That’s odd. I’ve only ever seen (most of) one episode of BSG 80,* and that was a couple of days ago, and it was the Starbuck episode.

And that was one of only two episodes of BSG I’ve ever seen, in ANY form. Maybe it’s time for another Twilight Zone remake.

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I liked the one where the Centurion at the Halloween party was completely disabled by a microwave oven.

If your in a thread discussing BSG, its a pain to type out the complete title everytime you want to reference BSG, so instead we just use the acronymn BSG since everyone knows what BSG stands for in the context of a thread about BSG.

Wow, for some reason I feel much cooler then I did a few minutes ago.

Then Boomer showed up to rescue them, and…

But to use it in a title of a thread doesn’t give any context.

And anyway, “Battlestar” is one word, so it should really be BG, which will confuse everybody.

And on a completely unrelated note, I’ve noticed rather a lot of people spelling “Galactica” incorrectly also, giving it two L’s.

I’m annoyed that they still haven’t played the new mini-series here yet so I cannot join in with the threads, and by the time I do see it and have caught up, nobody here will be talking about it anymore. I have the same frustrations with most other TV shows, like Enterprise and Amazing Race. It suckity suckity sucks. :mad:

Well, it looks like the TLA “BSG” is here to stay. Just to keep the series straight, I propose we use “BSG:TOS” and “BSG:TNG” when referring to the old and new series, respectively. :cool:

Oh, and anything that comes out as “BSG:1980” is obviously a typo. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any event, the name of this imaginary series that only exists in the mental remnants of the mass hysteria of a quarter century ago was “Galactica 1980”, so the abbreviation is inaccurate to begin with.

My recollection of my fever dreams from that time:

[li]Promos showing Cylon ships attacking modern day Earth.[/li][li]Clip of Cylon ships attacking modern day Earth in the premier, which then says that it is a computer projection of what could happen if the Cylons reached Earth.[/li][li]Dude from Adam-12 pretending to be Boxy grown up.[/li][li]Adam-12 dude/Boxy grown up looking at a clip of LA rush hour traffic, and saying “Look at that formation! Must take hours of practice and discipline”, one of many, many, many LA in-jokes that I realized, ever since I moved here, occur in pop culture.[/li][li]Those lame-ass flying motorcyles and head-on CHiPs dialogue shots, revealing rip-off desperation at the concept level.[/li][li]The show dealing less with Sci-Fi themes and more with the Galactica crew wrangling a bunch of precocious children, because lord knows there weren’t enough of THOSE kinds of showa back the 1970s.[/li][li]That weirdo blonde kid who had somehow taken over the ship.[/li][li]One mildly cool episode about the fate of Starbuck.[/li][li]Tuning in the week after that ep, realizing they’d shot their wad, and giving up on it.[/li][/ul]

Oh well, deal with it.

I’ve seen one episode of


and I thought it was great! A Ceylon, some blond guy, a clown and an embittered old prostitute were riding around in cars. The Ceylon was in league with the blonde guy. The clown and the embittered prostitute had no idea what the Ceylon was up to. He planned to use the radio station to signal the Ceylon Empire. The guy from CHiPs was chasing them, along with some other guy whose features were way to regular.

This episode of BSG80 featured a fear of meatballs as a clever subplot. It was the clown who was afraid of meatballs – or maybe they just made him depressed. The station manager was NOT afraid of meatballs – that I remember well.

They don’t make sci fi like BSG80 any more!

I am proud to say that I watched every single episode of Galactica 1980.

And I watch them in reruns.

Yes, I stick red hot needles into my arms. Why do you ask?