I have three questions:

  1. I’m currently working my way through the complete Battlestar Galactica as a boxed set of DVDs. So far, I’ve got as far as the second season’s “Home” two-parter, and I’m finding it hard to see what all the fuss is about. Does the show take a leap in quality later on, or should I assume this is as good as it gets and cut my losses?

  2. The eighth season of Scrubs has just started here in the UK, and I thought the first four episodes were just appallingly, horribly, embarrassingly awful Is the whole season that bad?

  3. Has the Seinfeld reunion episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm aired in the States yet? If so, was it any good?

Thank you. Your answers could save me a lot of wasted time.

  1. Yeah, pretty bad at times. Some are okay though. E.g., “My Lawyer’s In Love” and “My Cuz”. Definitely avoid “My Absence” and probably the two part wedding episode. You’ve probably already seen “My Last Words” which is the bottom of the pit. Some of the new characters are semi-interesting. Like the cold intern and Gooch.

  2. That CYE was a craptastic as any episode. Just horrible. What stood out in particular was that Jerry had a long dialog with Larry. Jerry kept pausing and restarting. The guy needs a script. OTOH, Richards barely had any lines at all, mostly mugging. And since of the Fab Four he is the one with the best improv creds, he should have been the one with the most dialog. It’s so badly done in so many ways.

If it hasn’t grabbed you yet, I think you should cut your losses. I’m a big fan, but while one can argue the show becomes conceptually deeper with time, I don’t think you can say it gets much better. In fact the latter two thirds of the third season ( which started very strong IMO ) are probably the nadir of the series for me.

It varies episode to episode. Season 2 has quite a few weak episodes, but Home is not one of them. If you’re “meh” on the show I’d say that you’ll likely continue to be.

Personally, I would say that the miniseries that started it all off is the high point of the show. If you weren’t creaming your pants watching that, then don’t expect anything more happening to cause the same.

Stick with BSG. You will not regret it.

There’s more than one. The Seinfeld reunion arc culminates at the end of the season with them actually shooting the (fictitious) show. That hasn’t aired yet.