Bubble wrap is no more - WHY?

There have been howls of protest, gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair, rending of garments.

Does anybody know why they are discontinuing it?

It’s not being discontinued; where did you hear that was the case? What is happening is that a new product was introduced by the company that invented bubble wrap. It might be more useful in certain applications. (And perhaps more importantly, as a new prouct, it will almost certainly be protected by patent. Unlike common bubble wrap.) See previous thread.

Beaten to it while I was researching, since the OP provided no links. Here’s proof they’re not discontinuing. http://www.buzzfeed.com/javiermoreno/bubble-wrap-isnt-going-anywhere#.vfQEjvjOV8

Apologies, everyone. I heard it on NPR’s “Wait, Wait” just now. I tried to search for previous threads on the subject but obviously did something wrong. Would take down the post if I knew how.

Your posts are your permanent record on the SDMB. :wink:

In all seriousness, one problem for Sealed Air (the company that invented bubble wrap) is that because of competition, the margins on the product are quite low. (And that’s not helped by the fact that it’s a bulky product and so it’s expensive to ship.) So even though they might well decide to stop making traditional bubble wrap, other companies will almost certainly continue to do so. The new product has the bubbles connected in a row by an air chamber, and that means that the product can be shipped flat and then inflated as needed. So it’s less expensive to ship. (One roll of this new product replaces perhaps fifty rolls of the traditional stuff.) See this article from the Wall Street Journal.

Do they ship it in packing peanuts?

Oooohhhhh (hides head in shame).

No. Bubble wrap. At least, it looked that way when I got the box. But I kept unwrapping and never got to the product.

Oh, wait…

a) It’s not being discontinued
b) Why did you create this thread, when there was one already open about bubble wrap in MPSIMS?

Curid1992, why didn’t you read the thread before posting? :smack:

Okay, everyone calm down. No need for all this fuss. Here – you, you, and especially you – here’s some bubble wrap to play with.

pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop …

Because it was a General Question.

We are, believe it or not, allowed to open threads on the same subject in different forums.

The bubbles where taking up room so now there will no more bubbles to pop. It has to with storage space according to the news I heard. We should protests to save the bubbles ! LOL!

Thank you to people for support, I was almost too intimidated to post again.