No! You must stay faithful to our own OpalCat

All of this wrap music sounds the same to me.


OK, that one was a dud.

Also available in travel size! (WM2002/2003 variant here)

The link in the OP does indeed go to an unauthorized stolen version of my bubblewrap. I have been fighting with their ISP since July to have it removed. It may not seem like a big deal, but about 60% of my income right now (while I’m in school) comes from my bubblewrap site, so it really does hurt me in a real way when sites like that steal my traffic :frowning: Please don’t go to their site.

(for the record, the palm guy did get my permission before making his palm version.)

If I may quote Richard Nixon: “What?”

'scuze that laste poste. Didn’t see OpalCat’s note–I was all emotional and stuff. Hi OPAL!

BTW: Opal, you sellin’ that virtual bubblewrap?

Oh MY!

When Lilbro moves out, he’s leaving his computer behind. Mom wants to learn how to use it as a typewriter and emailer; she even took a course but hasn’t dared touch it while it was “his”. She didn’t want to get yelled at when it catches viruses (I must have told him ten thousand times that his favourite sports website has Ebola, the flu, Black Nile and other assorted germs).

She can spend hours popping the stuff… heehee… I’m giving her Opal’s webpage as a Lilbro Moved Out gift :smiley:

No, I just get ad revenue. But I rely on it heavily right now to live on. The problem is that when sites that are using my material get passed around instead of the originial (mine) then I miss out on that traffic. The site you linked to in the OP, for example, I’ve seen mentioned in newspaper articles as “hey cool!”. Lots of traffic from that, all of it stolen from me :frowning: