OpalCat, bubble-wrap, and desktop calendars

Over the weekend I saw one of those ‘page a day’ desktop calendars, this one had a different interesting web page for each day - I believe it was called ‘The Whole Internet’ or something like that. Anyway, the one example page that was shown on the outside of the box was a description of and the address for a page about bubble wrap by someone called OpalCat. There can’t be that many OpalCats, can there?

This site here? Yep, looks like our very own OpalCat.

Wow, my bubblewrap page made it onto a product? Hehe! Cool! Where can I get one?


I’m almost certain that’s the one I saw, either in a Burlington Coat Factory or a Tuesday Morning’s.

WTG, Opal!!

That bubblewrap site is like the real thing- just won’t let you go.
When you think you’re done, then you find there are more versions, and the nonsense takes over again. The only way to break the spell is for your handsome prince to open your glass coffin and give you a kiss- then you wake up and see it’s the cat, who’s licking the keyboard-prints from your sleeping face :wink:

I’m still working on a flash version… I developed one halfway about a year ago then stopped… I’ll probably haev to start over.

I wish I remembered what date had your site as the page of the day, it would be interesting to see if it got a lot of hits then.

I’m going insane. Ever since this thread appeared I’ve been trying so hard to get a copy of this. I thought I had it when I put an order in at Amazon, which was supposed to be delivered in 4-6 weeks. Today I got notice that Amazon is not able to fill the order. A local bookstore that listed it as special order said the publisher is out of stock and won’t be reprinting. I NEED THIS CALENDAR!!


Can anyone find one? Check your local bookstores? I know it’s asking a lot, but this is my website! On a calendar! It’s even the example on the box! I MUST OWN THIS!!

breaks down crying

Amazon says now that delivery is 1 week…Does it need another try?

I tried it, but I have no hope for that route. The bookstore can’t even special order it from the publisher :frowning:


Try this link!

Search for The Whole Internet. The site states that it is in stock and costs $10.95. Hope this works for you!