What is your calendar of?

So I went to the mall the other day. I love the store “Calendar Club”, but man, some of the calendars they had were really specific. They had to have had a calendar for a fan of virtually anything.

So…since this new year started not too long ago, what’s your 2006 calendar of? Be it a typical wall calendar or a daily one, what/who does it feature?

Me, I have a lighthouses wall calendar. Shows wonderful views of scenic lighthouses. Pretty nice.

Our wall calendar is Winnie the Pooh - to my shame, it is the Disney version, but not too twee.

I have an Eats, Shoots & Leaves page-a-day calendar (which unfortunately appears to just be the text of the book split into a paragraph or two per day). Still entertaining.

Only Mostly Missus sports the Foxtrot daily*. She also has some junk freebie month calendar from her school.

*Have I doted lately on how lucky I am to have a geek fiancee?

Georgia O’Keeffe. I know she’s a tad overexposed :rolleyes: , but I adore her anyway.

Here at my office I have a large Boston Red Sox desk blotter calender. Living in Yankees territory, the calender starts many animated conversations. :wink:

I have a Fun With Dick and Jane wall calendar and a Peanuts page-a-day calendar.

Mine is the Gatti di Roma (Cats of Rome) calendar I picked up on my trip to Italy last year. I love the cats just hanging out in the ruins of the Colisseum.

At work I have the freebee Nature Conservancy calendar.

We picked up a “Cows in Shining Armor” Calendar at the local Chick-Fil-A (aka the Great Satan). Good Stuff.

Spongebob Squarepants. For my son, yeah, that’s it, for my son.

I have a Weird New Jersey wall calendar and a knitting-pattern-a-day desk calendar.

Ok, I always buy three calendars a year, and they’re always different. Ever since Gary Larson quit the desk calendar thing, ( :mad: ) I’ve had to look for new ones.

Wall Calendar: This year I got LOTR. Why not, right?
Desk Calendar (small): Get Fuzzy. Thought I’d try it out.
Planner: Far Side

[QUOTE=Me, I have a lighthouses wall calendar. Shows wonderful views of scenic lighthouses. Pretty nice.[/QUOTE]

Wonder if we have the same lighthouses? Ours are midwest (Lake Superior, etc.) We’ve been looking for a cheap kitten (not CAT, kitten!) calendar, but haven’t found one yet. Have a model railroad one and something else in the back room. Also a plain ‘printed off the computer’ one that I tape to the top of the (other) moniter so that when I need to project dates, I don’t have to squint at the calendar on the wall.


My calendar is the one I got free for subscribing to Classic Motorsports.

At work, I just put up my new Yankee calendar today.
At home it is a school calendar with all the important school dates and info on it.


Fractals. They’re pretteeeee… :slight_smile:

Photosynthesis by Jerry Uelsmann It’s kind of Escher-esque.

And one with pics of Scotland.

I have a Dilbert day-by-day calendar for 2006. I’ve been getting one every year since 1996, following a 7-year run of Far Side Off-the-Wall calendars.

For the monthly view, every Father’s Day, my wife gets me a calendar with family pictures from the previous year. These run from July through June rather than covering a single numeric calendar year.

And we also have a big, plain Staples wall calendar for planning and scheduling and remembering stuff.

I have the Happy Bunny calendar at work…it was a gift from a coworker though browsing through it I might have to skip some months as some of the sayings are not really work-safe

I have a daily one with chocolate quotes and facts. My wall one has horses.

We have a Astronomy calendar. This one.