Do You Have Your 2001 Calendar Yet?

I need one for home and one for work. I like to keep 'em nervous at work, so I got the late Edward Gorey’s “Neglected Murderesses” calendar, with entries such as, “Nurse J. Rosebeetle tilted her employer out of a wheelchair and over a cliff at Sludgemouth in 1898” and, “Angelica Transome so disposed of her infant brother that he was not found until many years later.”

For home, I got a Robert Mapplethorpe calendar—no, it’s NOT what you’re thinking! It showcases his lovely color flower photos. Nary a whip nor a gentleman’s naughty bits in sight.

How about you folks, gone shopping yet?

I picked up “Dilbert-A-Day” for work, but nothing else so far. For the last few years, I must have a Monet calendar for my walk-in closet in my BR, and I must have a wolf calendar in my kitchen.

I have the usual boring government desk blotter clanedar and the equally dull government 3-month-at-a-time calendar. I used to hang a Chippendale calendar until the PC police got their panties in a wad.

At home, I use the monthly calendars the school sends home - my daughter’s activities are pre-printed on them, and I can add hubby’s travels or my obligations. Affixed to the refrigerator with a stylish magnet - I feel SOOOO suburban!

Not yet. I wait till the last second and then all the calendars go on sale.

I saw a Hello Kitty one I liked…and one with Spam. Then there’s the magnetic poetry one I have had my eye on for the last year or two. This year’s calendar was ancient Chinese art so I know I don’t want to do another art one.

Then I have to pick my page a day calendar for my desk. This year I had the LIFE Millennium edition.

I love picking out calendars.

I received a Sears Hardware Calendar in the mail last week, complete with coupons. Oh Boy!

Normally I wait till after Christmas because I usually get one for Christmas or they go on sale.

This year I bought the one i want instead of picking from leftovers.

Ducks Unlimited: Hunting Labs

It’s a lab calendar every year but some are better than others.

Yes and regretted it now that you mentioned the Edward Gorey calendar!!! I used to have all the books and the ‘Gashleycrumb Tinies’ poster! Where did you get the calendar!?!?!?

For the record, I have a ‘Forgotten Words’ desk calendar and an M.C. Escher wall calendar and an ‘Everglades’ calendar (all at work).

At home, a Chik-Fil-Et wall calendar (with coupons), as well as a perpetual calendar on the computer.

Got the Gorey calendar at the Museum Store on Fifth Avenue—it’s from Pomegranate Communications, the last company that apparently does not have a Web site.

Eve, please send me the ISBN or ISSN or whatever number off the barcode so I can order one! The are no ‘Museum Stores’ in my area.

I bought one in Ireland for home. I usually get a Far Side calendar for work. I need all the laughs I can get in this place and I can’t count on my coworkers for that. :wink:

Eve, you definitely have taste!

(Not that there’s ever been the slightest doubt in my mind)

…but you also definitely have a penchant for the macabre (an unsuspecting interior decorator could have a fit!).

Hope this doesn’t violate SDMB rules: Pomegranate Communications is at P.O. Box 6099, Rohnert Park, CA 94927, and the “Neglected Murderesses” calendar is No. 201162. No phone number or Web site listed, sorry.

And thank you, Omni—you’d like the photo in my living room; it’s of Anna Held riding an ostrich in 1911, and it’s in a huge, baroque wrought-metal frame.

Last year I waited too long, so I ended up with 12 months of John William Waterhouse’s Pre-Raphaelite paintings for the year 2000. November is actually pretty good…it’s “Penelope and her Suitors.”

Over the years I’ve had American outhouses, Gil Elvgren pin-ups, photos of Berlin from the 1920s, photos of old blues musicians, Kelly Freas SF paperback covers, San Francisco maritime photos, and Smokey the Bear posters.

I’m not sure what I’ll end up with next year.

Nope, Santa brings it to me, so I won’t know until Christmas.
Personally I think this is a plot by Santa Claus, he stays ageless while I get another year older. The bastard!!!

Every year I purchase an Anne Geddes calendar. She takes beautiful and unusual pictures of babies like these. It’s always fun to flip to the next month to see the new picture.

Yep, I won my VT Life 2001 calendar in a Halloween costume contest! At work.
(consolation prize: We’re sorry, but you participated, so let us help you count your days until your revenge!)

I’m sorry, Eve. I can’t do that.

Shanin—that link didn’t work.


:confused: That’s weird Eve, I clicked on it again and it worked fine.

And that baby is as cute as a flower bud:)