Bubbling noise in the neck?

Maia’s Well is experiencing an odd symptom. She can hear a noise that seems to originate from the back of her neck that she describes as bubbling. My google fu has pulled up some threads on other boards where people describe the noise like pop rocks or a rainstick and many theorize is CSF moving from brain into spine or vice versa. She used to experience this very intermittently but much more so now that her dis-ability has increased. She’d ask herself but typing/reading are a little beyond her right now. Of course, none of her docs have ever heard of such a thing.

Anyone experienced this, and/or have a theory as to its cause?

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Of course, none of her docs have ever heard of such a thing.


any of you docs heard of this?

mostly just bumping

I’ve experienced the same thing. I have hydrocephalus, and I can frequently hear a bubbling noise. My neurosurgeon hadn’t ever heard of such a thing and looked at me like I was imagining things. I dunno, I’ve had a shunt since I was ten months old, so I don’t know what a normal head sounds like.

I don’t have any head/spine/brain abnormalities (that I’m aware of…) but I’ve definitely had this before! It’s weird, I can kind of hear and feel it. It definitely sounds pop rock-y to me.

I’ve heard it too, but not very often. Maybe once every couple of years. No head/spine/brain anomalies here either.

A more serious issue but, Pneumothorax - Wikipedia My son had this and it sounded like rice crispies in his neck and a little in his arm pits.

I have it all the time when I move my neck, it is a sort of bubbly, snappy noise that I can slightly feel.