Bucket o' laptop questions

I have couple of questions about laptops, I will take them one by one however.

Laptop one gives me hard-disk read errors, fairly serious ones. So I replaced the laptop, and got them all the same. Don’t get those errors when I put the (second) hd into a different laptop (have yet to try the first one in a different laptop). If this was a normal computer I would be checking the IDE cables etc, but I can’t actually get into the laptop! I have been poking at it with a screwdriver for half an hour now, and decided to take another path of attack. However, if anyone knows what the connections might be like in there (I am guessing not cables) and how to get to them, feel free to let me in on the secret.

The new plan of attack, is to attempt to replace the broken screen of Laptop2, with the working screen from Laptop1 (the one giving me HD errors). I am hearing such different information from various net sources that I thought I would ask on here. Some say, go for it, it will either work or not, some say “oh don’t it will likely damage the working one”. The computers are not of the same brand, but of the same generation. I know that doesn’t mean too much in laptops.

So, first question is, what are the chances of my damaging the screen if i attempt to switch them? (For what its worth, there is a crippled Laptop3 that is of a very new vintage if that screen would be better).

Well, without knowing the exact make and model of the laptops, there’s no way to intelligently answer your questions.

And we would need to know exactly what models these laptops are - they could all be ComputerBrandX G-Whiz 4300 series, but one could have an Active Matrix TFT screen, one could be a regular TFT, and the third could be the old-style LCD technology whose TLA escapes me at this time :).

Give us some details, and I’m sure someone would be able to help


If they were the same model laptop, I would say go for it. Since they aren’t, I’d say the chances of it working are pretty darn slim. I’d also say the chances of you damaging something are pretty high.