Bud Light or Apple Ale... Need Answer Fast

I’m making a Chili recipe I haven’t done in some time but I remember as very good. It is from the Weber Grill website and it is Chili on the Grill. I didn’t realize until just now that my supplies were lower than normal, and this being Sunday in Indiana I can’t restock. The recipe calls for one bottle of “Ale” to be added. The closest I have right now is Bud Light or Redd’s Apple Ale. Neither one is ideal, but I’m trying to figure out which would be the best substitute. In a way I kind of think the Apple Ale could be interesting as it may give it a “Hmmm… I can’t quite put my finger on that taste” kind of thing.

What would you do? The Chili is pretty flavorful overall so it probably won’t make or break it, but just wondering what people think would work best.

p.s. Recipe: http://www.weber.com/recipes/beef/chili-on-the-grill

If those are the only 2 choices, definitely go with the Bud Light. Maybe sub some beef stock instead.


Can you visit a brewpub that sells growlers to go? Does Indiana allow that on Sunday? (Plus, then you’ll have something at home to drink other than Bud Light :smiley: )

None are close so that isn’t the best. And don’t worry, I have things to drink, but I don’t think Scotch would be a good substitute.

And to Lab… the recipe already includes beef stock.

Now you make me want to think up a recipe that would be good with Scotch, LOL. And I live in Indiana, too…took me years of grocery shopping on Sunday to remember, “No, I can’t pick up a bottle of wine, #%$#%!!”

Use the Bud and get rid of it.

How close to Michigan (or Ohio, Illinois or Kentucky) are you? Most of Indiana is within an hour of a surrounding state with different beer sales laws.

missred, who made her share of Sunday beer runs to Michigan when she lived there

I’m smack dab in the middle. Two hours each way to Ohio, Illinois, or Kentucky. Longer to Michigan. Beer run isn’t gonna happen.

Bud Light. The beer is just there for liquid anyway. You could use water if you want more flavor.