Buddy Hackett In Prison

Years ago, I saw Buddy Hackett as a guest on the Tonight Show, and he mentioned - almost in passing - that he had been in prison for killing a man. He also said that while he was in prison, he killed a second man who attacked him with a knife. He seemed to be serious about it.

But now I read the newspaper bios of him, and no mention of this is made. I can’t find anything on-line about it.

So what’s the deal? Did Buddy do time?


Not only do the obits have no mention of a jail term (here’s the NY Times’ – free but registration required – try cypherpunk/cypherpunk), but I don’t think he had time for one. He seems to have moved fairly rapidly into show business after his Army service in World War II.

He was regarded as a pretty good actor, and I remember him doing a lot of deadpan leg pulling, especially with Johnny Carson, in joke setups. Johnny, of course, was a consumate straight man, and would have gone along unquestioningly with a setup like, “As you know, Johnny, I’ve done some time in jail…”