There just ain't a punishment bad enough for this guy.

Handyman keeps sex slaves.

I don’t even know what to say.

Forgive me if someone already started a thread on this, I couldn’t find it.

You’re right.

There is nothing on this earth that we could legally do to him to make up for what he did to these women.

What a vile person. I hope prison is truly hell on earth for him.

he cried and opoligized? God bless them all?

I’m sorry. i’m too enraged to answer.

I think he just needs to be put to sleep quickly an quietly. Maybe poison in his food. He isn’t sorry he did it. He is sorry he got caught.

Into the Sun with him, I say.

There is no punishment “justified” for him. “Vengence is mine saith the Lord” We will have to trust God that he will get just punishment in the afterlife.

I am all for the death penalty and not the whimpy way out with lethal injection. I’m talking get “Old Sparky” fired up!

Only 18 years? Hopefully he’ll be someone else’s sex slave in jail.

Here we go…

well, it would rather fit the ol’ “let the punishment fit the crime” ideal, wouldn’t it?

why yes, i am rather fond of The Mikado, now that you ask…

The temptation to lash out with a knee jerk reaction is high. This guy was seriously under-sentenced. I hope that the prosecutors will be appealing that sentence. However, while we are wishing all things foul on this person (and I use that term lightly), it is probably worth remembering that one of the things we can use to mark a civilised society, as opposed to say a mob, is the way in which we treat those who have offended against us. Just saying, you know…

I guess he only got 18 years because he pleaded guilty. Still, that seems like awfully short sentence for something this serious and awful.

The sentance was 18 to Life. I don’t know what that will equal in actual years served, but he is an older guy. At 68 there is a good chance that he won’t see the light of day again.

What I cant understand is that he let some of the women go after keeping them for a couple of years. How was this guy not caught sooner?