Budgie smugglers??

Where did the term ‘budgie smugglers’ (meaning speedos or tight fitting bikini knickers for men) come from? I know it is used in NZ and Aussie, but is it widely used in Britain and the US?

A common term in the US for them is “banana hammock”

Both names, I believe, come from the way they make the wearer look he’s got something stuffed down the front.

Oh, yes - I understand why these terms exist, but where did they come from - any ideas?

What is your question? Someone wears a speedo, someone else notices it looks like he smuggling grapes, banannas, small birds, etc. That person comments on it with a witty remark. Said remark is overheard and becomes popularized.

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Many coutries bar importing and/or exporting wild-caught parrots. Australia bars the export of all native animals (including budgerigars, usually known in the US as parakeets). The importation of all wild parrots into the US is also forbidden

And now I get to do something I’ve always wanted to do: cite CITES


Anyway, whenever something is salable and forbidden by law, one finds smugglers. Sometimes these smugglers do indeed seem like the joke in the OP:

(*see this CITES MS Word document for context)

That’s what the “budgie smuggler” joke refers to – looks like the guy stuffed a bird down his Speedos, and of course, as long as we’re making fun of the guy, a budgie is a small bird.


I grew up in Australia, and i never heard the term “budgie smugglers.”

We used to call them “dick stickers.”

I remember a kids’/young adults’ book about a girl who stumbled upon a budgie smuggling operation; they had the budgies hidden in stockings, I think inside their coats or baggage…? Please someone refresh my memory!

nonono, thats not what gigi meant… :smack:

Yes that’s the term we always used too. But I see that one local company has started to cash in on the budgie version (different spelling though): budgy smuggler

I know budgie smugglers, but have never heard of dick stickers :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps that second term hasn’t worked it’s way down to rural Victoria yet?

… and here I was ready to make an off-color joke in a thread about illegal bird transporters…

I’m an Australian and used to swim, and have heard budgie smugglers, DTs (dick togs) and meathangers. All pretty self-explanatory.

To answer the other question in the OP, no, I don’t think the term is widely used in the US. I’ve never heard it before, it’s not in the slang dictionary I own, and budgies are usually called parakeets in the US anyway. As for the garment, it’s also called a “posing pouch”, particularly when worn by bodybuilders.

Granted, it didnt make much sense, but I thought the OP was talking about the bird.