Budweiser 76?

OK, so we got a whole load of Budweiser promo hats, and they feature a “76” in the background of the Bud logo. Nobody here can figure out the connection. Google was of minimal help. Can anybody fill me in?

So these are new? If they are old, then perhaps an old NASCAR promo/sponsor item (Union 76 Gas)?

Brand (heh) new.

Welp, according to the FAQ at Budweiser.com, the King of Beers has been brewed since 1876…

Perhaps it is their hip-and-cool way of shortening “Budweiser - Since 1876”

Makes sense to me. I’m gonna file this one in the “probably” drawer until informed otherwise. Thanx for the research, JJ.

Jealous of the “33” attention that Rolling Rock gets? :slight_smile:

Sure it’s not a reference to 7.6% alcohol by volume?

Budweiser’s % is not that high, or it wasn’t the last time I checked.

Wikipedia confirmed what I already thought:

It has 5.0 percent alcohol volume, except in Utah, Minnesota and Oklahoma where a 3.2% alcohol by weight strength is available due to state laws.

Add Iowa to that list as well.

Anheuser Busch owns Rolling Rock now, so I doubt if it is a jealousy thing.

Note to self. NO reason to visit above states.
All I can find for the OP is that there are hats, and a “Surf Classic” t-shirt with ‘76’ in them.

And Colorado, although 5.0 is the norm and 3.2 is only sold in grocery and convenience stores. Our drinking age used to be 18 for 3.2 and we have some annoying laws on what can be sold where.

I’ve never noticed much of a difference in taste.

It was the revolution, man - when we stuck it to the MAN, man - 1776! :stuck_out_tongue: