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The “Center for Science in the Public Interest” is a logo+faxmachine group owned by the left which includes August Busch IV. Just because he sold Anheuser-Busch to Belgians doesn’t make it less beholden.

In short, the CSPI has beer to sell and it ain’t MILLER.

Try a less political research group.

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Do you have a citation for your Center for Science in the Public Interest comment?

Wikipedia seems to think it has a building for starters, and is a spin off from Nader, not from beer moguls.

Can you provide a cite other than a quote from a talk show host?

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I can’t find even a nut-group that claims that August Busch IV funds the CSPI.

It’s exactly the opposite. Busch and the CSPI are mortal enemies and he funds the nut-groups that attack them.

Center for Consumer Freedom

Who runs the CCF? Rick Berman. And where does Berman get his funding?

And why does August Busch IV hate the CSPI so much?

That’s just one aspect of a years-long campaign the CSPI has waged against Anheuser-Busch.

I think this OP may have set a record for being the wrongest in the weirdest way for a first post. And that covers an incredible amount of territory.

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