buffer underrun error?

A PC question for all:

Often (50%+ of the time) when burning CD’s, I get a “buffer underrun error” and the project is aborted. From what I understand, this is a data backlog caused by the PC not being able to move enough data onto the CDR fast enough.

I’ve decreased the burn speed all the way down to 1x, and have tried different software. No dice.

This shouldn’t be happening; it’s a P4/2ghz/1gig of RDram (faster than DDR).

Any ideas?

Some tips

Most of the excellent tips linked by MBS are really more applicable to older drives and older systems. Assuming the burning drive like any CDRW drive manf. in the last 2-3 years or so has some form of interactive data buffer like “burnproof” (or similar) you shouldn’t be getting any overruns at all with a system like yours. I would suspect the drive (or possibly the cabling hardware) has a hardware problem or possibly the CDR media is giving the drive bellyaches.

Is your drive internal or external? Is is a new drive or an older drive in a new system? If it’s the drive just replace it. Brand new CDRW drives can be had for 20-30 after rebate.