Buffy 11/12/02 - Conversations with dead people

I’ll put it all in spoilerbox since I’m a little more than a day early. Let’s see how many of you spoiler junkies can stay away.

Wow. And another wow on top of that. Best episode so far this season. Paired with a really good episode for Angel, things are looking good in the Buffyverse right now.

  • You’ll notice something diferent at the very beginning, during the teaser. There’s text stating the here and now of the episode, i.e. November 22 2002, 8.01 pm. It even puts the name of the episode in text. There is a reason for it.
  • It follows the timeframe of one hour. The whole episode is about what’s happening to the scoobies during this hour.
  • There are five storylines and the ME team keeps it moving flawlessly. The lines are:
  1. Dawn homa alone, raising hell and getting it. She gets hurt pretty bad, but also kicks major ass.
  2. Willow in conversation with the girl who died earlier this season, who knew she was going to die.
  3. The Geek Trio (yes Adam is there - or is he?) coming back to Sunnydale. The objuect, according to Jonathan is to save Sunnydale. The other two have other plans. Some pretty cool and scary stuff.
  4. Spike out picking up a girl.
  5. Buffy in an hour long conversation fight with a fresh vampire. Turns out he was in high school with her and then became a psychology major. So she gets a little therapy from the vamp/shrink. We get to know some really interesting thing about her. Why she’s been acting the way she has. Why she started boinking Spike.

The writers tie all this together in a beautiful way and now the stage is set for this seasons Big Bad. It’s no surprise that it’s The Evil That Lurks in The Basement.

There is a serious mindfuck going on with at least one of our heros.

There is not a sign of Xander in this episode.

Even though these are major spoilers, I won’t spoil all the details. I’ll be back to talk more about this when it’s been on the air.

Let’s just say that I think most of you Buffy fans are in for a treat, this Tuesday.

My rating: 10/10.


[writing 100 times]
Must remember to spell check, must remember to… ASF
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Sorry i don’t know how to do the spoiler tag thing :slight_smile:

So was it explained how Spike can kill humans now?
I only read a bare bones outline.

And am i the only one who thinks Spike is going to die this season?

That was the most spine-tingly episode in a very long while. Don’t miss it! I won’t add any more spoilers, just :eek:

Anybody know the artist and title of the song at the beginning (and end)?

I DLed the a clip of the last five minutes

God, I almost cried when Jonathon died. And I was even spoiled! He’s been with us from the very beginning. He was shot at by Spike’s assasin! He was Cordy’s little slave (remember the cappuchino and muffin?) He tried to kill himself with a high-powered rifle! But most of all, he gave Buffy the Class Protector award. sniffle He was Xander who never found his Willow.

I’ll add a few more things:

Not only is Xander totally missing, so is Anya.
The girl who talks to Willow is “Cassie”
Spike doesn’t say a single word in the whole episode. A little creepy.

Aw man, how can I possibly resist this all day.

Dammit, I’m gonna have to work today, and really hard to to keep my mind off this.

No more cafe society on Tuesday mornings. It’s just better not to be tempted.

I love these threads, The Gaspode, I can resist reading the actual spoilers but I like the strange tingly sensation I get by resisting the urge to highlight. LOL

It’s certainly fun writing them. And I can’t help but wanting to be the first every week to post the Buffy spoilers :smiley:
Should you highlight, you won’t be all that spoiled, I think…
Only 7,5 hrs left now, right?

Yep, and counting… can’t wait.

… damn… clicked on pepper’s spoilage… GAHHHHHH

I’m eagerly awaiting you guys. There’s a lot to talk about in this episode. Prolly when I wake up tomorrow (around midnight US time), there’ll be some more posts… I’m very interested in what all you other Buffy fans think.



Maybe a spoiler-ish link to a review of tonight’s show. I did not read it myself, but know some of you enjoy these. See you after the episode!!



LOL, in hindsight I must say that I probably sealed my own fate there by saying that I can resist spoilers. I always have, but I never mentioned it until now. And then I cursed myself. :o

And you’re right… your spoiler was a good read that didn’t actually ruin much. In fact, I might say it gave me more to look forward to.

[[rubs hands together]] Can’t wait!!!

I don’t think Spike will die this season. Joss seems to enjoy torturing The Peroxided One, and if he gets dusted, Joss will have no Peroxided One to torture.[/spoiler]

BTW, you do spoiler tags the same way you do font changes- you type a [ then spoiler, then a ], and hey, presto, spoiler box.

I’m going to the UPN 50 building, and I’m going to burn it down. Then I will go to the lovely Joe Louis Arena, and I will burn it down too. Several key members of the Red Wings hockey organization may be harmed, but I will not mind, because there is a hockey game on the television instead of Buffy.

Please excuse me while I search KaZaa for the wildfeed and simmer in a righteous, ineffective, endearing, girly rage. Attempts to placate me with Godivas and season 2 dvd’s will be (barely) tolerated. :slight_smile:

Guess I wasn’t paying attention as closely as I could have. What interesting thing was that?

I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight …
I think I’ll have to wait until the morning to post something here that makes sense.


I’m just gonna say that that was the best damn episode of Buffy I’ve seen in a long time.

That episode alone justified me moving 1800 miles just so I could live someplace with UPN. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still…