Buffy/Angel unanswered questions

Obviously, this thread was inspired by the similar Star Trek thread. But what questions about these two shows have left you scratching your head?

As for me - whatever happened to Drusilla? In season two (or three?) of Angel, Dru shows up in L.A. and re-vamps Darla. The two fang girls state their intent of ‘becoming major players in the L.A. scene’, but Angel lights them on fire. Both of them survive though.

Dru’s next appearance is in Sunnydale, when she tries to sway Spike into joining her & Darla’s new L.A. gang. Unfortunately for her, Spike had gone all wussy & was mooning over Buffy. After that, Dru disappears without a trace.

The next time ‘Dru’ appears, she’s one of the forms that the First Evil uses to try luring Spike back to the dark side. Spike realizes that he isn’t talking to Dru because this image is too lucid. Or as Spike put it “You’re not crazy enough to be Dru.”

So whatever happened to her? Seems like she was a rather major villain character early on, so it always seemed weird to me that she never came back.

The factual answer is that Juliet Landau decided not to return to the show. Supposedly this was so that her character couldn’t get staked, but who knows?

Um, what? She appears on the show multiple times in flashback after her disappearance in the present time period (as mentioned in the OP). So how do you then leap to “She didn’t want to be on the show any more”?

The actual factual answer is that no one really cared that much about Drusilla, so no one bothered to explain where she’d gone to. Presumably she was off somewhere else, being crazy and killing people.

Brother was half right. Juliet Landau said she’d only appear in flashbacks and such things so her character wouldn’t be staked.

Whatever happened to Marcie the Invisible Girl from “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”? She joined the CIA or some Black Ops crew, I’m guessing, but then what?

Did “Dingoes Ate My Baby” break-up when Oz went to Tibet? Did Devon become a star?

Percy (Dopplegangland) got a sports scholarship to college (was it Southern Cal?). Did he make it to the pros?

I want to know why Angel was let out of hell.

Percy showed up at the frat party in “The Initiative” (I think). You hear him telling his date that Willow was a nerd who helped him with his homework in high school. So he apparently went to UC Sunnydale, along with Buffy & Willow.

I seem to recall that, at some point (possibly in “Amends”), it was stated that the First Evil did it, presumably thinking it would advance his interests in some fashion.

That is what I meant - I put it badly.

Drusilla’s disappearance never bothered me. Angel SET HER ON FIRE…deliberately…and he WAS NOT YET DONE FUCKING WITH HER. Getting out of Dodge was born of a rare moment of lucidity, and that lucidity, in turn, was born of a great number of third-degree burns.

Screwing with Angel and Wolfram & Hart was Darla’s thing, not hers. it was pretty clear that Darla was in over her head. Why would she stay?

I think the fourth season of Angel makes it clear that Jasmine was ultimately behind that. He was part of her naked Zoe Washburn recipe.

How old is the Master and how did he become a vampire? Who was he before?

Does Amy ever become un-hamsterized?

Amy gets unhamsterized in season six, and introduces Willow to magic crack.

Possible to interpret events in many different ways.

I got the impression in retrospect, that the Powers that Be broke Angel out of hell so that he could go on to Los Angeles and become their champion there. ‘Amends’ was the First Evil attempting to convince him to commit suicide so that he couldn’t assume that role, which was countered by the PTB sending their christmas miracle. :smiley:

And I don’t believe much of what Jasmine said about what she orchestrated versus the other PTB. They’re notoriously untalkative, so just because she takes credit or blame doesn’t mean that she deserves any.


The first time is very brief; Willow does not realize that anything she says out loud is coming true, and when she talks about un-rodenting Amy, the latter appears naked and very surprised on the bed, only to get popped right back into the cage a second later.

In the last season, she gets turned back into a real girl for good. In what may or may not be seen as an evil act, she attempts to manipulate Willow into murdering Kennedy, but, sadly, fails.

His smokin’ hot date, as I recall, who we never saw again. :frowning:

I don’t think he did go to UC Sunnydale. I think he was just supposed to be visiting his girlfriend for the weekend. I remember Buffy asking, “Does he even go here?” Also, Percy was basically a moron, so USC makes more sense than a UC school.

Why would she care?