Buffy Issue #5

DarkHorse says that it comes out next week - August 1st. But AICN says this week and so does [del]cinescape[/del]mania


So is it out or not?



It’s out, and…

[spoiler]… Buffy’s in it.

Well, sorta. Kinda. Not really.[/spoiler]

I just got word yesterday from my comics shop that my 2 copies had hit the mails.

Was there any reason there was such a delay between issue 4 and issue 5? Was it because they’re starting a new story arc?

I haven’t read issue 5 yet, but I’ve read issues 1-4 and I have a question (spoiler boxed in case anyone who hasn’t read any of them wanders into this thread):

How can Warren be alive? We saw The First take on his form during season 7, meaning he was dead, right? Or is he a zombie or ghost or something?

For the First to take on your form, you just have to have died, not be dead. It took on Buffy’s form, who by that point had died…twice, I think? But who was currently alive.

They also had the first Buffy Omnibus come out between them, which may account for it.

We don’t know yet. But the Buffyverse seems to operate on the same principles as the LASFS, ie “Death will not release you!” Witness Darla, Holland Manners, Lilah, etc. :smiley:

(Bolding mine)

Um, is it really that hard to GAFIAte from the “Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society?”

But there was a snippet of dialog in issue 3 or 4 that implied that Amy saved Warren from dying… dying and coming back to life is a lot more “special” than being saved from imminent death.

Oh well, not a big deal certainly

According to them it is!

I think that was from the disgruntled General guy, wasn’t it? He’d already been shown to not know much about or be interested at all in magic-type-stuff. It’s possible he just didn’t get it. But yeah, like you say, no biggie either way.

[spoiler]Actually, it’s Warren who tells Willow “Do you know she had maybe a four second window after my skin came off before I died of shock alone?..Her magic is my skin.”

So that is a continuity error of some sort. If The First can only manifest as someone who has died, then Warren doesn’t qualify.[/spoiler]

I just bought #1 - 4 at Comic Con today (Yay! Comic Con! I can’t believe there’s no Comic Con thread in CS this year :frowning: ) and read them all this afternoon. They did a really good job on them. I generally don’t like comics all that much, but these were just like watching eps of the show. I’m really hoping I can find a preview copy of #5 at the Joss Whedon panel on Saturday…I’ll let you guys know!

I am liking the series, tho sometimes the art isn’t that accurate to the faces we’ve come to know and love.
TFAW emailed today (yesterday? Thursday.) to say that my copy of #5 is winging its way to me.

I have a concern, however, about something in #2 (or was it #3 or #4)

Buffy is awakened by a clandestine kiss from the person who is passionately in love with her, and we come to assume it is the Asian slayer (whose name I am too lazy to look up). I sincerely hope they do not turn Buffy gay

anyrose, why?

Well, heck they may as well turn the whole cast gay and have Xander and Andrew get together - it just seems so contrary to Buffy’s character - to me anyway
eta: or were you asking something else?

Eh, I guess that’s true, but OTOH, it doesn’t seem like the WORST thing that could happen…and lots of people thought it was out of character and horrible for her to hook up with Spike, but that was rather interesting IMO.

It was funny that you mentioned that part, though, because I thought

it was Willow who kissed her! p.s. I think that slayer’s name is Sattua

well, now you made me go look things up

the Asain slayer’s name is Satsu and as for the kiss, apparently Buffy, as well, may have thought, briefly, that is was Willow. Personally, I (and perhaps many many other fans) were hoping it was Xander)

So start one!

We leave for Comic-Con in about an hour. Nothing panel-wise we really want to see until the Eureka presentation at 4:45. Remember, after the Joss panel tomorrow there is the 10th Anniversary screening of Once More, With Feeling at 9pm.

And it was totally Xander that kissed her.