Buffy the Animated Series?

I was looking around tv tome for episodes of show that I could mention in my thread on things you can infer about fiction, that the author never intended when I came across this entry.


And I quote,

"There are some news about the animated “Buffy” show.
Apocalypse posted them on Whedonesque:

David Boreanaz. He recently told the production team “I’ve never been approached by anyone, as far as getting involved, but i love doing voice-over and animation stuff. I’ll never say that it wont happen, it just depends on where I am”

  • The animated short comes to four minutes long, and is a condensed version of the script. It was rewritten by Joss and Jeph. It apparantly contains a fight scene. Eric Wight says that “from what I understand it turned out great!”. It was done in 2D animation, with a little 3-D. He says “it was pretty dynamic stuff for the cartoon and the Buffy franchise”

  • As well as Eric Wight, two other artists worked on the piece: Ted Blackman (“background artist”) and John Calmette (“colourist”). They spent three months on it

  • The director of the four minute animation short was Eric Radomski (of Batman: The Animated Series)

  • Eric Wight on his future role in BtAS: “I will probably still do some Villain of the Week designs and some promotional artwork but we’ll see”

  • Jeph Loeb confirms that Mutant Enemy shutting down will have no effect on Buffy: Animated’s future

  • Although Jane Espenson didn’t know the number of scripts for definite, she was right when she said eight, and these will be the first used

  • And when will the series happen? The magazines answer - Soon!"

I’ve beeing waiting for this thing to start for what seems like an enternity. It seems like every few months the official Buffy mag has a “coming soon!” bit on it.

At this point I’ll be surprised if it happens. I mean, even if they make it, where are they going to show it?