Buffy....the movie? Again? Yeesh!

I hope this isn’t true, but Warner Bros. has announced a Buffy movies…that has nothing to do with the show.

Buffy to be a movie…again!

Joss’ response is very funny:

The first movie has almost nothing to do with the show, either, and I already ignore it (after giving it a try) so I’ll give this one a shake, too.

I probably won’t pay for it, though, just out of principle.

Just more people to add to my list.

??? The first movie was part of the continuity of the TV show, and it was often mentioned that Buffy had burned down the gym of her previous school.

No it wasn’t, and there were a few episodes including one with a extended flashback sequence which established a few fairly extended points of divergence. I believe Whedon himself has also commented a few times that the film was outside the show’s canon.

Only loosely, though. She was, I think, a senior in the first movie and a sophomore when she showed up in the show.

She got PMS cramps when vampires were near in the movie, but didn’t in the show. Vampires just died without “poofing” in the show, but “poofed” in the show.

It was barely in continuity.

And wasn’t her Watcher re-born over and over as the same guy in the movie, too?

I only saw it once…before the show came on.

Also, the movie stunk.

No, it wasn’t - Whedon specifically and deliberately retconned pretty much the whole thing. Including that. The gym wasn’t burnt down in the movie. Buffy and Pike go from dancing in the wrecked and empty, but standing and unburnt, gym, to riding off on his bike. Then the credits include a news report which interviews students and teachers, apparently in the gym. But, even assuming it was filmed in another part of the school, if the gym had burnt down, it would have been mentioned. It isn’t.

The canonical version of the events before the series (to the extent that anything but the TV series is canonical at all) are in the comic book series The Origin, which is based on to the movie script, but brings it in line with the series - vampires and the Slayer function like they do in the series, the gym burns down, etc.

So, something LIKE the movie happened, but the movie wasn’t it.

Meh. I kinda liked the movie, granted I don’t think I’ve seen it since it came out.

I’ll be honest, I never quite understood the levels of fanboy rage we see around here (check out the current Starship Troopers thread or any Star Wars thread as an example, or the older LOTR threads too I suppose) but now I think I get it, because I’m full of fanboy rage and shock at this development.

I hope that whatever they do, it just focuses on Buffy. I can probably deal with that. “Oh, this is just the dimension next to the one where there’s nothing but shrimp.” No problem. But if they have the whole Scooby Gang, or Angel, or Spike, I’ll…well I won’t do anything, I suppose, except be really bummed.

I think they are basicaly re-imagining the movie, since that is what they have rights to. Therefore, all of Joss’ other stuff from the show shouldn’t appear, including all non-Buffy characters.

It’s one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. When you decide to make a movie because the character/series is very popular, it’s probably best to pay attention when all the fans immediately squeal nooooo! Hell, some of them would probably watch it out of curiosity, but they wouldn’t pay for it, so their viewing’s pointless as far as the studio’s concerned.

According to the link in the OP:

Which seems to be a bad case of Missing The Point, to me. If you’re not going to keep any of the trappings of the show that made the name popular, why bother calling it Buffy at all?

Oh wait, I know. To be guaranteed a minimum amount of revenue from people unwittingly drawn in by the name. </cynic>

I’m betting money that this movie is DARKER, GRITTIER, AND IN EYE POPPING3D!!:smiley:

The only way I’d like it is if they were basically redoing Origins, to have a Buffy movie that’s actually in continuity with the series. Just like I wanted a remake of Stargate with the TV actors and the retcons built in.

A real reboot isn’t going to accomplish anything–unless they can get Robert Patterson in it or something.

Bonus points if A) Plays a credible, scary evil vampire or B) gets to be the guy who gets killed in the first 30 seconds of the film.

Hell, I’d be entertained if he played a Badass Normal type who ended up fighting off a group of vampires with an improvised torch.

Well, the Buffy movie wasn’t very good - but the movie Buffy was quite spectacular.

Maybe they can just have Paul Ruebens die on screen for an hour and a half.

Honestly I think that would be the only way to make a re-boot work. Nobody is going to be able to do Joss Whedon-style humor as well and I’m betting a different style of humor will come across as even more heretical. Not that Joss didn’t do dark ( obviously ), but one can take dark and gritty in a different direction with this franchise without compromising as much, I’d think.

Still, whatever direction they go I expect it will be crapola.