Well, this is Buffy The Vampire Slayer's last year

We all expected it and we finally have something very close to a confirmation. According to this story:

Now, calm down. Just 'cause it is from Aint-it-Cool, don’t assume it’s crap. They are simply reporting Hollywood Reporter news(and AICN is quite accurate with TV news anyway).

Yep, she has pretty much signed up to star in a movie that starts filming in August…which is when Buffy usually starts filming.

I’m glad they aren’t stretching into an eighth season. Great show, but it’s time to go.

No, instead they are turning the final five episodes into a Spin-Off Demo.

Hope that works out, then.

I hear it’s pretty final that Faith will be the main character of the successor series. Two that I’d rather see instead:

–The Initiative

I did not care for the Initiative story line. Or Riley. Ick.

But I do think Jonathan could carry a series (with some help). And the whole being dead thing isn’t really a big deterrent in the Buffyverse.

Whatever they do for a spin-off, it must have Willow, or I will be most displeased.

This is just uninformed spec on my part, but I doubt very, very much that Aly Hannigon or Tony Head would be back for a spin-off. They both have said they are ready to move on. And Emma Caulfield has made it extremely clear that she will not be back under any circumstances.
I don’t know Michelle T’s feelings, but I do know that James Marsters and Nick Brendon are both open to a spin-off and are “committed philosophically if not by contract.”

I tend to think that Michelle Tractenburg would be back as well, since she has only done 3 years.

What would be a good next role for Nicholas Brendan? My choices:

–Plastic Man
–Darren Stevens

So what do y’all think about a movie franchise? For some reason, that possibility had never occurred to me, although I guess it’s an obvious choice. (I always thought of “Buffy,” and to a much lesser degree “Angel,” as proof that a TV series can be as good as or even better than movies instead of just the low-rent relative.)

I can’t imagine a Buffy movie coming across as anything other than smaller than the TV show. The only thing a movie can bring with it is a bigger budget, which means better effects and bigger names for the cast (a villain, assumedly). But that’s not what drives the show.

I’m against a movie. It might be fun to do a couple TV movies now and then, where they fight some big bad. But never should they do a theatrical movie.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has said that she wouldn’t be for a theatrical movie either, since the actual Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie did terrible.

Well, that’s mostly because the original B:tVS movie was terrible. They ironed most of it out on the translation to TV.

I’ll give a Faith series a shot. Frankly, she’s too dark and out there for me. It may be tiem to let the franchise die.

Then Joss can concentrate on resurrecting Firefly.


To the contrary, I thought that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a GREAT movie! Some of the most hilarious lines I’ve ever heard in a movie.

“Look what you did to my jacket! (to hench-vampires) Kill him a lot.”

“Detention. Detention. Detention.”

And Paul Rubens does the Best. Death Scene. Ever.

I only saw a couple of eps of the tv series, and everything seemed so serious.

I thought the movie ran for exactly the right amount of time, and I can’t help but wonder if Buffy on the TV show shouldn’t have been graduated from high school quite some time ago.

Here’s my idea for the movie:

Buffy the Vampire!

She’d make a great bad guy!

Buffy on the TV show graduated from HS 4 years ago, kaylasdad.

I think it is time to let it go and stick with Angel.

Well color me not-paying-attention, then! :o

But if she can’t be a high school cheerleader slaying vampires, then where the hell’s the joke?

I might as well stick with Kim Possible, I guess.

I was pretty sure that Tony Head and Emma Caulfeild have been set to work on a spin off titled “Ripper” or “The Watcher”.

Imdb has a listing on it here: http://us.imdb.com/Title?0289834 but they are only showing a 1 person cast list. But the description does state it would be about Rupert Giles…

Well, there’s the problem right there. You’re expecting the series to a flat out comedy instead of a drama with comic undertones because that’s what the movie is.

What you apparently don’t know is that Joss Whedon never intended for Buffy the Vampire Slayer to be a flat-out comedy. Only when he brought the concept to television was he able to realize his true vision, a teen drama/horror/action/comedy.

The problem with basing a long-running series on a one-note joke like the idea of a High-School Cheerleader who slays vampires is eventually the joke stops being funny and when that happens, you’re left with nothing.

Besides, other than one episode in the first season the Buffy of the series has not been a cheerleader or anything close to a cheerleader.

In fact, the only real similarities between film and series are the title, the name of the main character and the basic concept. I thought the movie was okay but nothing special. I think the series is excellent, sometimes bad but frequently brilliant.

Pretty hilarious. The show’s about Rupert Giles and Tony Head isn’t even the one actor listed as a cast member.

But he was. I’m sure they changed it. Maybe the idea has been put on the shelf for now.

Especially since the description states that Giles will be working with the Watcher’s Councel.

Ah well, it’s a maybe for now.