How will Buffy end? You decide!

OK here we go, how do you think Buffy the Vampire Slayer should end? And how do you think the makers will end it?
This is assuming that the current season is the last one.

It should end - Giles tells the gang the only way to restore the slayer line is if Faith stakes Buffy, cut to Faith with stake in hand and fade to black…

It will end - Buffy wakes up in the menatl hospital.

Your turn…

The only truly novel way I can see to end it is this way:

The Hellmouth is set to open unless Buffy gets the magic whatsit to it in time.

She doesn’t.

The Hellmouth opens.

The stage is set for the future series: Hell on Earth.

They find a spell that releases Buffy from her Slayerhood. Faith becomes the one true Slayer. Spike kills Faith.

Kristy Swanson wakes up, turns a lamp on and rouses Luke Perry from his slumber. She then proceeds to talk about the bizarre dream she had.

Xander, trying to bring something to Buffy/help her save the world, hurts his back and in the moment of realization the future of Hell’s Bells is coming true; hesitates and causes Buffy’s death through his inaction.

Note: Iam completly unspoiled, religiously so, and I do not want guesses confirmed or denied by those who are spoiled, please!

This prediction is based upon the following givens:

  1. Buffy can’t die. It would just be to lame: I mean, she dies again!? No poignacy there.

  2. Buffy can’t continue to be the slayer. I demand an ending, since we can’t just believe that Buffy toils on as the slayer well into middle age.

  3. Buffy can’t lose her slayer powers. It’s already too late in the season fot that, since if she were going to lose her slayer powers, we’d really need at least half a season to see her come to terms with it and pass on the torch.

  4. It can’t end too neatly. The central theme in Buffy–the key to the whole show–is that there is always a gap between whatyou want and what you must do.

  5. She can’t wake up in a mental institute: I’d break my television, and I can’t afford to replace it.

Therefore, the only possible ending for Buffy is:

She ends the series as a vampire with a soul.

She has to: it fits all the criteria–she’d stop aging, she’d keep her powers, she’d stop being the slayer.

Furthermore, it would be the ultimate “duty over pleasure” thing. She’d be doomed to live FOREVER fighting evil, never resting, never getting to die and go back to heaven (which she knows rocks), having to watch her friends and family grow old and die.

To contrast, I suspect that Spike will have at least a chance to become human again–I don’t know if he will accept the change or stay a vampire with Buffy.

A less complex but also acceptable end would be if Buffy were thrown back in time and became the first slayer.

It ended when Buffy jumped off the Doctor’s tower.

Or possibly with the line “We survived High School”.

There were also only two Godfather movies and one Highlander movie.

I can’t hear you, LALALALA.

Considering what vampires represent in the Buffyverse, Buffy will never, ever become a vampire. ANd unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll end up romantically involved with a vampire either…though I do think she loves him. :wink:

Faith dies heroically; a new slayer is selected (Kennedy?) and Buffy is officially retired. She and Spike are, if not together, going to be together. Maybe Spike becomes human, but there’d be a lot more pathos if he weren’t. He and Buffy will have to deal with her eventual aging and death, but this is ME-- we can’t have a truly happy ending.

The Scoobs continue to work in support of the new Slayer. Buffy becomes a Watcher in the new Watcher Council, led by Giles. Willow too (what the hell, this is a fantasy ending, right?)

If it really were a fantasy ending, Rubystreak, the series would end with Willow and Principal Wood boarding an airplane to join me on my Tropical Island of Hot Lovin (With Fruity Coconut Drinks). The rest of the cast will just have to fend for themselves.

Everybody dies but Xander. And the new Slayer.

Not because he’s my favorite character (that’s Anya), but because he’s the only true HUMAN. Well, except for Giles, but I think he should go down with the ship, so to speak.

We may have to keep one Slayer to keep the line open. Although it seems to me that other potential Slayers must continue to be born, and that it can’t just be a blood line thing.

Xander then becomes the new Slayer’s Watcher, making guest appearances on Angel next year.

The universe implodes in a gnaB giB.

All perish.

Except Buffy. She transcends time and space and begins anew in the Next Universe. Many things are different, but she gets odd premonitions form time to time.

burundi, is there room for one more on the Island?

Faith comes back and sacrifices herself (and Spike), proving that TFE cannot ever win. Just as there is always evil there is always good. (They are both good and bad at the same time)

Kennedy or China Girl is made the new Slayer (Keeping the lineage correct)

Willow is the new slayer’s Watcher.

And Giles and Buffy have hot monkey sex, because it’s about damn time. (Besides, Buffy’s always had this thing for older guys… Giles at least has a pulse!)

Well, ewww.

I’ll say. Hot monkey sex? That’s just disgusting.

They have crazed WEASLE sex.

Well, that’s because Buffy isn’t supposed to be there.

It should be ME!


You forgot to mention a completely nude Kristy Swanson…

The show is interrupted in the last 15 minutes, & nothing but that Test Pattern with an Indian on it shows up.

Which is what should have happened with the first episode, & every minute of screentime this cr#p has gotten in the meantime! :stuck_out_tongue:

JM said in an interview with Wanda from E!online that the ending will be dramatic, romantic, and “it’ll piss everybody off–but oh God! It’ll make you love more.” And it’s the most insane but brilliant thing he has ever heard.
He’s really excited. He never knew in advance how the seasons would end before.