Buffy: Vampire Ecology Link

Buffy fans, and fans of vampire stuff in general, might like to check out this link:


ha! The Tim gets email from the Daily Illuminator.

Say… Do you live in Texas?

I love the fact that Sunnydale can only sustain 18 vampires.

I like it. Makes perfect sense to me. And Barbarian, I don’t know if only is a good word there.

If you lived in a town of under 40,000, would you feel comfortable knowing there are only 18 vampires waiting to eat you?

So glad to know that the show’s on an ecologically sound footing!

Well, I live in a city of half a million (2 million if you include the 'burbs). Way more than 18 vampires here :slight_smile:

Barbarian I’m not in Texas but I’m a big fan of SJGames, especially GURPS and Munchkin.

Where I am now, a small suburb in Westchester county, has less people than Sunnydale. I’m tempted to do calculations based on those formulas for this place. I’m also tempted to destroy the mind of one of my friends whose a big fan of Vampire: The Masquerade by doing calculations for that game to see if the White Wolf figures are good.