The End Of Buffy (No Spoilers)

OK as you guys know, Buffy ends next week and I wanted to mention a couple of things related to that without hijacking the current thread. This is not a place to discuss the actual show.

No Spoilers.

First, as a relatively new homeowner, I got a letter last week telling me about a town meeting regarding my town’s upgrade to the sewer system. I really should be there as the whole connection issue and taxes and such are going to affect my wallet.

Dullsville, you say? What does it have to do with Buffy, you ask?

Guess when this town meeting is. Go ahead, just guess. :mad:

Secondly, if it turns out that my unborn child is a girl, I have found the perfect gift for her.

Send the wife to the meeting.

Are you actually going to bid on the doll? Yoiks, $430 with six days left!

That wouldn’t be fair to the wife, now would it? Especially in her delicate condition and all.

And I’m afraid I won’t be bidding on the doll as much as I’d like too. We don’t exactly have $400+ just hanging around.

Man, for the prices people are bidding, I’d expect James Marsters to deliver my item personally. Naked.

Why would anyone bid $900 for clothes worn by Kennedy? :woshed:

So they can dress up in it and pretend they’re making out with Willow. Duh!


I want them to put, say, Mr. Pointy up for auction. Bet you it goes for 5 figures easy. :slight_smile:

Or Mr. Gordo or the umbrella. That would bring in top $$$

I’d bid on the troll hammer. :smiley:

Dude, I’d even bid on the magic gourd. You have no idea the excitement I felt when I saw one of the items was a gourd. Then the disappointment when it wasn’t the magic gourd. Then the shame began.

What’s up with only 45 items? Are they going to be adding more as the sets are struck? “Hey, we’re done with Xander’s eyepatch, fire up the laptop!”

Oh, laptop, that reminds me about a gripe from last episode.

I am so there.

Well, at least my early Tuesday nights will be free now. More time for homework - yay!

Trion, is the concept of the VCR foreign to you?

Are the revenues from the eBay sales going to charity, like with the similar Survivor auction?

God, those are kinda lame auction items. They should auction off the claddagh rings, those would fetch insane $.

I’m new here, please don’t hit me.

First of all, Trion: get yourself a Tivo. That lovely thing has meant that I never miss a Buffy… of course, I love Buffy so much that I usually watch when it’s taping. Then I rewatch it and pretend I didn’t watch it the first time. Well, not so much this season.

ehhh, sorry, there’s no second part to that. Except maybe this. I’ll shut up now.

…Yeah I heard they have this system that is just like TIVO except it is already in your VCR… it’s the record timer… It’s really not that hard… and think of the commercials as timecapsules for whne you watch the tape 5 years from now… and just take the ten seconds to fast forward through them whne you watch it later that same day.

<punches buncombe twice in the shoulder>

Two fer double posting!

Welcome to the SDMB.

Yes, we have a VCR. I know how to use it and everything.

Now, just minutes ago I was in this weeks West Wing thread and read the following:

You see? Seven years I’ve been watching this show and it all ends Teusday night. And now I have to rely on this damnable piece of technology.

Really, I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s just so annoying.

I love my VCR. Without it I wouldn’t get to see anything, since I go to bed at 7:30 pm!

Miller: ouch! er, sorry, couldn’t figure out how to edit. Or, actually, I figured out how to edit post-post-- that “edit” button is a big clue-- but for some reason I wasn’t allowed to change my post. Oh well… I’m new here, and will remain new until my post count reaches a couple thousand (daaaaayummm, people talk a lot on these here boards!).

All righty