bug lights

I went to buy a light bulb when I saw “bug lights”. They claim that the light is invisible to bugs, thus you get less of them in your house. Sounds fishy. Is there any truth to this?

If there is an animal that simply can’t see the human-visible portion of the light spectrum, I would be extremely interested in hearing about it. I find it hard to imagine.

Are you talking about the yellow bug lights intended for porch lights, or is this some new product specifically intended for indoor use?

For porch ligths.

Ah. Well, from personal experience, they seem to attract slightly fewer bugs than a plain white incandescent bulb. However, the flourescent bulbs that are shaped like a standard incandescent seem to attract fewer bugs than either white or yellow incandescent, and are far more energy efficient. YMMV, of course.

Could it be that it just has a UV and/or IR filter on it that makes it at least less visable.