What Bugs Can't See Bug Lights?

      • I had a regular light bulb in the fixture on the front porch for a long time, until it burned out. Someone bought me a 2-pack of bug-lights (those yellow light bulbs tht say they are “less-visible to some bugs”), and I used one last night, and all the regulars seemed to show up just the same. If I turned the light off, they all seemed to calm down immediately, so either they can see it, or they can hear it or smell it, I dunno. What bugs exactly are these things not supposed to attract as much? - MC

Beats me. I’m thinking the reason they called it a “bug light” is because it attracts the darned things. Every night when I get home after work there are scads of the creatures plastered all over my outdoor light that are happy to accompany me inside. (Fortunately my cats think they’re quite tasty.)