Bug (the movie). WTF?!

So clearly the ending of the movie implies that

there are no “aphids”. Peter’s paranoia drags Agnes into insanity and they both commit suicide by self-immolation.

But a couple of things bother me:
The doctor

Is he a doctor? He certainly doesn’t act like one. And how did he know about Lloyd?

The helicoptors

The doctor claimed he came alone. Then what was with all of the helicoptors? Did the army really know where Peter was?

The pizza

How did it get ordered?

The phone

What were all those calls?


Almost no emotion when he sees Lloyd’s things. In real life, maybe. In a movie . . .?

There are others but those are the major ones for me.


Is it possible from the movie that Peter’s story was true?

Oh God, that was easily the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I can’t even respond to any of those questions, whicfh I and my friends all asked.

Other notes and observations that I had:

[spoiler] Why did that military doctor smoke crack (or what I assume was crack, could’ve been some other kind of drug)?

Why didn’t he stab Peter with the syringe? Instead he just let himself get knifed.

How could those two, who couldn’t even function, manage to neatly cover their room in tinfoil?

Why was that small, shitty pizza so expensive? And how could she pay for it with a crisp twenty, when twice earlier we see her amass all her funds in the form of a few crinkled one dollar bills, which Jerry then takes!?

Why was Peter at a lesbian bar? Why did Agnes’ friend bring him to her house?

Why did she live at a motel? Where I’m from, you just stay at a motel for a night or two. They don’t usually have a sink and refrigerator either.

A FUCKING RED ONION!?!? [/spoiler]

I spoiler-tagged those on the off chance that someone might have a vested interest in seeing the movie. God knows why.

I want to see that movie, and haven’t read the spoilers – but you might in the future want to open your thread with a “starter” post, and put the spoilers in a second post. That will avoid your spoiler showing when the thread title is moused over.