Buglar in client's house tried to rob me at knifepoint!!!!!

When I walked into a clients’ home this morning, a black kid in stereotypical ‘gangsta gear’ came out of the hallway and grabbed me, trying to get me on the floor, put a knife to my throat, asking ‘where’s the money?’ I fought back, asking him ‘who are you?’ ‘what are you doing in here?’ ‘what money? I don’t have any money!’ Finally I elbowed him in the gut and ran. I’m physically fine, but I’m still pretty shaken up.

Back door is busted, I put the pets in other rooms after the police were done taking my statement, and I barricaded it as best I could. Client is calling a handyman to fix it, says he’ll try to come home today.

Stupid punk kid scared the piss out of me, literally! :mad: I had to come home to change. I’m scared to go back and furious about being scared. It’s weird, I wasn’t that afraid while it was happening. It was like my mind refused to process what was happening.

I’m glad you’re alright physically, I expect the adrenaline will have worn off by now and you’ll be shaking. It’ll pass and the memory of the attack will fade in time. If I were you, I’d have a drink or two and maybe a cry to get the frustration out. This kid was an idiot, but thankfully not idiot enough to stab you.

Might sound odd right now, but at no point should you blame yourself for the attack, you could NOT know he was there.

You lived one of my worst fears when I cleaned houses alone; I locked myself in and only opened the door to people I knew. It doesn’t matter the neighborhood, even if it’s gated.

Again, I’m glad you weren’t hurt and I hope they catch him before he gets more violent.

What a fright! Glad you’re OK and sorry for the trauma.

But you didn’t mention anything about the bugle! :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear you’re alright! What an adventure. I understand how you are feeling, but don’t worry, I think the fear will pass.

Shhhheeee, uh, GOLLY!

I believe I’d have needed an underwear change after that also!!

Thank heaven you’re OK (physically)! I’m guessing this is one client you’ll be dropping now. (and I sure hope like hell s/he gives you a BIG bonus for this job. Er, what is the job? petsitting?).

Holy Shit!
I would need to change undies, pants and shirt after that!

The over/under for someone coming in and having a Sharpton all over this portion of the OP is set at 18 posts.


What’s the over/under for someone wondering where this gangsta kid got a bugle?

Sounds like it might have been the kid’s first time, too – who knows, you might have just ended a crime career single-handedly. Good for you.

Yeah, definitely have a drink or three!

Blast and damn! He made off with the ‘r’.

Anyway, the police officer who responded was very nice, but he didn’t make me feel like this kid would get caught. I was pretty disappointed in myself in that I couldn’t give a good description beyond ‘a black kid in a bandana and baggy clothes’. I got a good look at him, but my brain was just not functioning. Hell, I didn’t even really register the knife, even when he put it against my neck. I just kept trying to get away and figure out what was happening.

Yes, I do pet sitting. I used to carry pepper spray religiously, but after ten years without trouble I’ve gotten lax. Hubby wants me to start again and also take a self-defense course, and I intend to.

And be prepared for a headache and sore muscles for a day or two - massive adrenaline rushes can do some pretty funky things to you.

Glad you are OK… and you’ve just pushed “pet sitting/dog walking” way down the list of ideas for this winter’s job…

Sounds to me like you wouldn’t have been in the right frame of mind to use the pepper spray had you carried it. Plus an elbow to the gut IS effective self defense, so I wouldn’t be too hard on myself if I were you. I’m not sure if carrying a knife is an option, but I would choose that over pepper spray. I’ve been stabbed and sprayed and in a life threatening situation I would trust a knife over pepper spray.