Build and HTML calendar with logins etc.

I would like to create a small website with a calendar that can be updated from the website itself. Like you login and you can add an event. I’d like to stay away from pre-built solutions and build it myself.

I think that FrontPage 2003 can do this. Is this correct? Would it be better to cram some ASP (I’m ok with SQL) into my head and build it from scratch?

Does anyone know of the limitations of using FrontPage for this? Does it run on Access (i.e. lots of records would slow it down)?

For the ASP/SQL route, what would be some good texts that can get me quckly started?


Here is a web site that has lots of ASP sample code. You might find what you need to know there.

I would recommend PHP before ASP just as it has a lot more capabilities and better reference. ASP you seem to spend a lot of time looking around for the function that does what you want, just to three hours later realise it doesn’t exist.
Any will work though, so go with whatever the person hosting your webpage supports.