Built in back-up in XP? where?

I just read (I wish I knew where) about an easy backup system that is built into Windows XP. Apparently, one has only to click on this, this, and this, and can create backup discs of the system, files, etc. Where is that utility? thanks. xo, C.

Go to “Help and Support” from the start menu and search for “Backup”. If you click on the link in the help it brings up the backup utility.

You might also want to check out System Restore (also available easily from Help). This automatically backs up certain system files and can be used to quickly restore a hosed system.

If you’re using the "classic "style menus (I’ve never liked the “New” menus), go to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Backup

It’s a fairly simple backup system but it’s okay for very basic stuff.

Hmmm. Something’s not right here. Trying Compgeek’s fix, I found no link to “backup.” In fact, in the index, although it lists backing up files, there is no information on that topic available. As for Mindfield’s suggestion, there IS no backup listed in the System Tools.
I know I can just copy files to a disc, but I’m darned if I can find the automatic backup utility that’s supposed to be here. Bought it from Dell about 3 years ago with XP loaded in. Would that make any difference? I can’t see how.

Are you on XP Home or XP Pro? My XP Pro here at work has it.

huh? what version of XP do you have?
In Help , I searched for the word “backup”, and got only 3hits, none of which have anything to do with backups (the hits were about backups for the user-license,etc)
System Restore tells me that there is NO backup built in. It specifically states: " It is a good idea to back up your data files periodically. For example, you might copy your data files to removable media, such as a writable compact disc, once a week."

Yep -** Cappachula’s** right. There’s nothing in Help. There’s a listing for backing up files, but when you click on it, it says that there’s no information available for that topic. I’m working on XP Home. And the System Tools list eight options, none of which is Backup. Maybe what I read referred to XP Office.

I am wondering whether a backup utility was only included in XP Pro.

Its not installed by default in XP Home. You have to do it yourself.


I have heard that only XP pro has this. I do not have access to XP home to verify this.


I’m using XP Pro. I have XP home at home (heh). I’ll compare XP Pro and Home later tonight when I get home.

The backup utility is on the XP CD but is not installed by default with XP home. IF you have an XP cd you can easily install it from there by exploring the CD.

That said, I have tried fiddling with it and have not had satisfactory results very often. If someone needs a quick backup because puters going in the shop or something, acronis true image has a 10 day demo for download. I highly reccomend their software and use the paid pro versions in my business on a daily basis.

I use the built-in backup in XP, along with Task Scheduler, to backup my system, including critical data files for my business, every day (incremental) and every week (full system). I back up everything to a second hard disk in the same machine automatically every night at about 2 a.m.

I chose to use XP’s native backup program rather than a third-party package so I wouldn’t end up stuck with unsupported or obsolete file formats or programs, as has happened to me with previous backup programs I’ve used.

One very important test to do with your backup program before you set it and forget it: run backups of every type you intend to use (full, incremental, etc.) to make sure they run correctly, then do restores to make sure that you can actually recover your backed up files. Repeat periodically. Also, check the logs for Task Scheduler periodically to make sure that the backups complete without errors.

You don’t want to think that you’re doing backups regularly only to discover when you really need them that you can’t recover the data you thought you had backed up.