Bully for ol'beck. I've had an epiphany regarding my bad, bad, bad cats

It’s shark time on NGChannel.
I have watched all kinda episodes. Shark attacks. Shark science-y stuff about why, how and who they attack.

In Darwinism we learn we all started at a similar place.
Thinking and pondering and basically guessing and making it up, on this
I’ve decided the Siamese cat and Hammerhead sharks are branches of the same limb of the evolutionary tree.

Here is my proof:

  1. Sneaky
  2. Hungry but picky about what they will eat
  3. Sharp teeth
  4. Nice silvery color
  5. Vision that is nearly 360 degrees.
  6. Mean
  7. Not very lovable
  8. You shouldn’t pet or hand feed unless you are in a cage separating you from them
  9. Never turn your back on them
  10. Make bad house pets

Never you mind one is a fur covered land animal and the other a sea creature.

Hey, it makes perfect sense to me.
Yep, I’m a genius.

You’re welcome.

I was not expecting this to be about sharks.

What WAS I expecting? Oh…I’unno…maybe accepting them into your heart as the true sons of God? Or maybe a recipe for pulled cat sammiches? Not sharks tho.

Yeah? I shocked myself with these thoughts, as well.

Sure, but can sharks purr?

I’m not gonna get close enough to ask.

Oh, I forgot one thing that makes Siamese and Sharks alike…they both like tuna.

I rest my case.

Well, you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish.

And every time my cats walk across my piano’s keyboard, they remind me that my piano needs tuning. Let’s see a shark do that.

@Spoons, that makes some kinda left-handed sense to me.

Don’t forget the musical similarities - you’ve got Baby Shark and Three Little Kittens. Is any other proof needed?

I guess it’s obvious I have a toddler in residence…

Allow me to share pictures of the tiger shark feeding at my house. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VydHhFXgbvekTgKg8

Your 10-point list would also apply to Catfish. Coincidence?

The whiskers are tell-tale. Just sayin’

Let’s see a cat do THIS.

But can a shark be trained to use the litter box?

Nah, @panache45, they just pee in the water.
As a matter of fact my cats pee in the water. The water in the toilet. Just like sharks they refuse to flush.

My cats are also fascinated by running water.
Think I’ll set them up a swim time in the tub tomorrow. What could go wrong?

actually in school someone tried to do a report on how cats are just snakes with features lol …

And there are blue sharks and blue point Siamese cats. Dennis

Cat tail fwipping and Shark tail fwipping.
Picture it in your mind.

Yep. Same difference.

Toilet using cats? How’d you do that? :upside_down_face:My dk grey short hair Jimmy cat is very vocal when she wants attention. Anytime I go wading in the lake she complains bitterly, one day I tossed her into ankle deep water. Shut her up and she slowly waded out again. Sat nearby and groomed herself. I’ve gone progressively deeper and she’s been in up to her tummy, doesn’t seem to mind. Now fuzzy tail otoh freaks if I even flick water his way.

@chela, My male cat came with that feature. I was shocked the first time I saw him do it. The breeder says lots of her cats do it. She thinks they learn it from their Mothers. My female has just recently started doing it. I have a 1/2 bath downstairs. There’s a litter box in there. We call it the Cats privvy

They both have over 50 whiskers too. I’m not sure if that’s revelant, but…just sayin’

ETA–the kitty swimming party was unsuccessful. I have scratches to prove it.:roll_eyes:

if you do it enough you can get a cat to like or love water to the point you wondered why you did it …

We had 2 rescue cats who didn’t exactly catch on to being mousers at first … and we had glue traps down … well kittens rolled around on the glue traps and it was a mess …the vet said just wash them with hot water and the glue will dissolve … and it did all 3 or 4 times we had to do it the plus side is our cats liked getting a bath occasionally

Now the slightly older cat had skin problems where shed get “scruffy” so shed get a bath with a special caat shampoo every 3 months or so

the down side was as they got older they had no problems getting in the tub/shower with you and occasionally plopping in the sink before you washed the dishes … the remaining one of the pait gets snotty in her old age when she doesn’t get dried off with a towel …its cute watching her be offended …