Does your cat do this? Very odd mannerism.

We started noticing this odd behaviour everytime one of us - my wife or myself - would be in the tub, or in the shower…One of our lovely attack siamese kittens would watch us very intently. Our bath tub and shower are separate entities, the tub is raised a couple stairs up from the shower…the cat will always jump up on the glass corner and watch us shower, or and this is the wierd part, he’ll stick his tail completely underwater when one of us is taking a warm bath.

Literally, he’ll sit on the side fo the tub, and dunk his tail under water, the look on his face is very odd…he appears to be really enjoying himself. As soon as his tail hits the water, his eyes become slits, and his head cocks to one side slightly…and he looks like he’s falling asleep sitting up. I’ve never seen this behaviour in other cats…

Does anyone out there have a cat that does this? Is this unique? I thought all cats hate the water…

Our cats also like to watch us shower, and they like to sleep in the tub when it’s dry.

tigers love water. certain other big cats have been known to indulge. maybe your aqua-kitty is reminiscing on a past life. :slight_smile:

Have you taken your cat to the vet recently? He might be having problems with his tail and has discovered that soaking it in warm water makes it feel better. Of course, he could just be nuts. :wink:

Siamese you say?
Your cat is reconoitering the ground for an attack. That’s where you’ll get it, in the shower when you think everything is okay.

One of my three cats likes to hang around on the edge of the tub while I’m showering. He doesn’t like to get wet though. I try to make sure he’s not in the room when I’m showering, it’s vaguely creepy. He also likes to get into the tub immediatly post shower and get his little paws wet.

One of my other cats, a female, likes to have her back scratched when I’m sitting on the toilet. :rolleyes:

Kitty #3 likes to be in the bathroom with me while I’m putting makeup and doing my hair. She really likes to get right in my way.

Can you tell I have a bad habit of leaving the bathroom door slightly open?

My dog loved to follow me everywhere, even in to the toilet. This bathroom didn’t have a shower, but a bathtub, so, he eventually figured out how to jump into the bathtub. Of course at the time, he didn’t know that the tub was filled with water.

This grew into an obsession to jimp into the tub everytime he heard the water in the bathroom come on, no matter who turned it on.

When I broke up with my BF, I moved into an apartment that didn’t allow dogs, so I took my dog to my parents house. At this time, my parents had no dog; my dog’s mother had passed away five years ago and they eagerly adopted him. But after a few weeks of being a house dog, they decided to make him a yard dog. He had a habit of nosing open the bathroom door and jumping in on anyone who was in the tub. My very modest niece likes telling that story at family functions; she was seven at the time.

Hmmm… my cats sort of do that. They always hang out on the edge of the tub, and they never seem to notice if their tails go in the water. So they don’t do it on purpose (as far as I can tell), but it doesn’t seem to bother them, either.

Mine did it on purpose, but she always seemed to be pretending it was accidental.

“Hmmm, she’s in the shower again! Lemme go just casually stroll in and poke my head around the shower curtain. Yup, she’s nekked. Weird humans. What’s this? Oh my, my tail seems to have somehow ended up in the water! Lalala, I will just pretend I don’t notice. What? She’s looking at me! Quick, I have to yank my tail out of the water as if I’m horrified at the thought!”

My cat doesn’t do that, but she is obsessed with the toilet. After I go to the bathroom, I have to open the door and let her come in and stick her head in the bowl. She loves to watch it flush down. Then after it does that, she looks at me really oddly, like I’ve opened up a portal to another dimension, and runs out of the room.

Cats are weird.

My cat Maceo does this exact same thing, or did when I had a usable tub. He would sit right on the edge when I was taking a bath, with half his tail submerged in the tub. It was really hilarious when he got down, because he’s really fluffy, and then would have this skinny bedraggled end of his tail. I think he’s part Maine Coon because he has all the characteristics of one, including 25 toes, and they are known for liking water. This cat is so mad about water that he plays in the tub and tried to turn on the spigot (though he tends to run away if I turn it on more than a trickle).

So your cat isn’t a total freak… or maybe we both have freaky kitties.

Sedna does the same thing and she is very fluffy with a short tail. She is actually a purebred manx with a tail.

Minx’s favorite place to lay is the sink. Especially when I am trying to get ready for work in the morning.

She loves for me to turn on the water. She drinks some and then paws at the stream. She also likes to jump in the tub after I’ve showered to splash around in the little bit of water that’s left in the bottom of the tub.

The scary part is this is not nearly her weirdest trait :slight_smile:

I’m trying to find a link but having a heck of a time but I’m pretty sure that Siamese are known for their attraction to water, some breed even like to swim.
Of all the cats I’ve known most seem curious about water but only Siamese seem to be okay getting wet.

Turkish Vans are the breed that likes to swim. Their markings look a little like Siamese, but they aren’t really related AFAIK.

That said, my Siamese mix likes to stand on the edge of the tub while I’m showering, and was very interested when I took a bath once. She just sat on the edge of the tub, though, and occasionally stuck her paw or tail in and then pulled it out. Once, she got in the tub when I was running the water before I started the shower. So she seems to like water, or at least not mind it as much as I thought cats generally did.

I’ve noticed that my cat’s tail gets very cold, and in general, he prefers to be warm. He’s picked up on the fact that if he sits next to a person, putting his tail along side the person’s body will keep his tail toasty. Maybe your cat likes the warmth of the bathwater?

Our cat is strangely obsessed with the bathroom in general, it’s clearly the most interesting part of the house to him. I guess you just never know what a cat is thinking about.

My black longhair is fascinated by water. She always hangs around when I’m in the shower, frequently sticking her head around the curtain. She has occasionally climbed into the shower behind me, oblivious to the water swirling around her feet. And to the damp kitty footprints all over the house afterwards naturally.

My first kitty would sit on the edge of the tub and bat at the drips from the tub filler while you showered. When the shower was off, he’d get in the tub and smack the big drops of water in the bottom, and then go into the kitchen to leave footie marks with a tail stripe on the floor. He also seemed fascinated by snow. I took him outside to see how he’d react, and he played in the snow like a nut-cried when I brought him back inside.

Wow, it looks like your cat’s not very weird at all! Mine (not Siamese) does both of these things and I’ve always thought it was a little wacky, too. When she sits on the edge of the tub with her tail in, I always imagine her as a kerosene lamp, lit at the other end. She loves tub toys, too - floating fishies and such.

When I’m in the shower, she bounds up onto a cabinet with utmost urgency and thrusts her face above the curtain and stares until I notice.

She likes to watch the pretty blue swirly water in the toilet, too. She’ll wake up out of a dead sleep and run in so as not to miss a flush :rolleyes: .

Apparently, fair’s fair, though: if she’s cleaning herself and I put my hand in her path, she’ll clean it til I just can’t stand it anymore!

My girl cat loves to sit on the corner of the tub, stick her paw under the tap when it’s dribbling and lick water off her paw. Splashes it around a bit too. She’ll also sit on the edge of the tub between the curtain and liner while I’m showering, sometimes stalking up and down the edge and poking her head in at either end. Often when I go into the bathroom she’ll follow me in, jump n the tub and demand I turn on the tap. But it has to be her idea; if I carry her in there and offer to turn it on she’ll have none of it.

The boy cat couldn’t care less.