Bumping limit?

Is there a limit to the number of times a poster can bump a thread before the mods get tired and lock it? I ask because I’ve noticed one thread in particular where the OP continues to bump the thread every couple of days, and will even bump it several times in consecutive posts when no one else is responding.


“A day without a good bump is a day wasted.”

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One time. I think it’s in the forum etiquette sticky.

Here we go:

That’s what I thought. If the OP of this thread bumps it again in the next day or so (as per his usual modus operandi) would you guys considering locking it? His posts seem to constitute most of the posts in the last few pages, and he is pretty consistent in his bumping of that thread to keep it from sinking to the obscurity it obviously deserves.


I’ve been allowing that thread to stay open for a couple of reasons. The primary one is, people keep replying to it. FXMastermind is clearly the driving force behind the thread staying on the front page, but even 25 pages into it, he’s still getting people in the thread to take him on. As long as there are people willing to debate him, I’m okay with leaving the thread open. It also serves nicely to encapsulate the subject. I’d rather have one thread on the subject, than have him regularly starting regular new threads every time there’s another “development” in the situation, and cluttering up the Pit. Certainly, that wouldn’t be an insurmountable problem, but it would likely require creating an individual rule for a single poster, which is something I try to avoid if possible.

I hadn’t really considered the rule about not excessively bumping your own thread. I’ve always seen that as more intended for contentless bumps intended solely to keep the thread at the top of the forum. FX is adding content with his posts (for a certain value of “content”) so I’m reluctant to invoke that rule.

I meant to add that we’ve made exceptions to that rule in the case of some really noteworthy threads (and no, FXMastermind’s thread doesn’t qualify). Coldfire’s “May 5, We Remember” thread gets bumped up once a year, for example, although Coldfire isn’t always the one who bumps the thread.

While I agree that should, in general, be avoided, it’s been done before and for good reason. I’ll note that posters responded to Handy and Reeder too.

That said, yeah, you right. It’s confined to one thread, and it’s our own fault that it’s continuing.

Ok, fair enough, though I’d quibble with even loosely using the term ‘content’ in his case. :stuck_out_tongue: Still, I was wondering about it wrt that particular thread since I happened to click on an email link to it earlier and noticed that the last 3 posts were by FXM, and in general it’s posts by him that revive it.


Locking a thread should be reserved for extreme cases.

After all, when it comes to moderation it’s the nuclear option.

I wonder how I knew that was the thread your OP referred to, even before you posted this link? I agree with your unstated :rolleyes:.

There are a lot of issues I could address about that thread/situation but I’d like to respond to the above quoted. I recall dowsing threads (for example) where a certain poster kept the thread on the front page by taking a point of view not popularly held here. He kept adding as much “content” as FXMastermind does in the thread in question. He was “still getting people in the thread to take him on” yet was eventually told to cool it. This was a poster who was in much better standing than FXM, generally speaking, in my opinion.

[sup]This is in no way a slight against the poster I reference, I use it as an example only.[/sup]



It seems to me that leaving the thread in question open simply serves to give the OP a creative way to circumvent the rules of GD.

Yes, I agree with your point Hbns. And I have some additional critical information that is vital for me to impart to the board:

Actually, since you bumped ANOTHER (dead dog) thread, several people have replied. It’s here if anyone is interested.

But you felt (again) the need to double up your posts, so I feel compelled to give you your do:

As it was vital that you post the above and keep the thread rolling, and as it is equally vital that I do that same, I just wanted to ensure that the board is kept up to date on developments. Thanks all for your indulgence…


xtisme, you raised a good question with your OP, and I appreciate that it’s difficult to discuss this sort of subject without making reference to other posters and their perceived impropriety, this thread should not be turned into a referendum about FXMasterMind’s posting habits - which appears to be the purpose of your last post. If you want to dispute my decision to leave the Pit thread open, require further clarification on the “bump limit” rule, or have some specific question regarding the moderation of the GD thread you just linked to, that’s fine. If you’re merely trying to point out more instances of FXMasterMind doing things you dislike, the proper forum for that is the Pit.

That’s pretty much why we have the Pit in the first place.

Have we approached the limit yet?

I think that’s banning. Locking a thread is not even as powerful as a Warning, since it apparently does not affect anyone’s record.

I find that if I limit myself to just a few bumps on the weekend, that I can function much better during the week. Hey, it’s not the 80s anymore people!