Bunk website about 9/11


Maybe it’s still hiding inside.

Hmmm. Allowing the distribution of said DVD was quite an oversight by the Bush administration. Yet another security breach. This will be his downfall in November.

Because, as anyone with an appreciative knowledge of chemistry and physics knows, had there been no external mechanism of ignition, the plane, slamming into the WTC South, flying at an inconsequential 400-500mph, loaded with thousands of pounds of accelerant would NOT have exploded and would still be lying on the 78th floor.

What about Dairy Queens, 7-11s and Disney Theme Park survivability modality?

I know this was written long ago, the website is hardly unique and I should have ceased reading after the first paragraph; but
what scares me most is this: 1) It was updated weeks ago. 2) I don’t believe he was merely attempting to be satyrical, cynical, facetious, funny or trying to raze Bush. 3) I’m sure his “arguments” have overwhelmed a multitude who have desperate personal needs to have their brains molded. 4) This guy probably votes…and drives…possibly in your neighborhood.

And most laughable is this response legitimately countering this wack job, when a few choice 4-letter words and a brief assault on his mentality would’ve been more efficient and effective.

I’m beginning to think this whole internet thing is not as useful as we first reckoned.

Please e-mail this %#!@: http://serendipity.ptpi.net/feedback.php

Bold by me.


What about Israel? We all know that 2,000 Jews were told to stay home that day.

Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s not one of those sites.

(Although I’m pretty sure if you googled “airline disaster fetish,” something would turn up.)

Nice. There’s just way too many facets to this crap to assault it all in one lifetime.

Nah. Any google endeavor involving the word ‘fetish’ returns nothing but pornography links. Are you sure you don’t know this already?

Hee hee.

That is a funny site.

My favourite article of proof:

A slow-scanning video framegrab of a 767 travelling at 600mph toward a building doesn’t look anything like a photoshopped composite of a parked 767 and the same building, even when the image has been heavily blurred and had inept two-dimensional lighting effects applied to it. Therefore it’s not a 767! Q.E.D.

I think someone might be playing "Let’s make up egregiously stupid stuff and see what pathetic loonies link to it as “proof.” But the stupid gets pretty thick out there, so I wouldn’t bet my toes on it.

That’d be a whoosh, right there. :stuck_out_tongue:

It gets worse. Much worse.

There are folks who claim that the World Trade Center was detroyed by planted explosives, and not by two planes hitting them. They have a host of lame excuses.

LIke these idiots.

Incidently, if you are wondering about the “pools of molten steel”. They turned out to not relly exist. Mr. Loizeaux admitted he never saw such pools, and that he was passing rumors. The method described to remove the steel was laughable, and would result in melted vehicles.

Its was such a bad joke that on USENET, a small running joke is to comment about Huge Pools of Molten Steel!

When cornered, the WTC kooks start claiming the planes were remote controlled, or some other nonsense.

These folks should experiment with two-fisted power drill trepanation.

From the OP’s quoted site:

"Immediately before the plane strikes it fires a missile that blows a hole in the building’s façade. This is the cause of that brief flash. The plane then begins to disappear neatly into this hole, leaving no wing impressions."

Honestly, what do these dipshits expect? Do they figure a plane will leave a nice plane-shaped hole like when Daffy Duck runs through a wall and leaves an image of himself? Hint: THe ends of the wings are probably the weakest point on the plane, and the Pentagon is a veryy strong building.

My ‘favorite’ WTC kook site is one called physics911.org, a load of whackjobs who claim to be ‘using science’ to serve their pet theories. There isn’t even an Associate’s Degree in physics amongst the websites’ crew.

They were probably sharing a falafel with the Arab cab drivers who refused downtown fares that morning.

You KNOW, the conversation on the other plane was being listened in on, and when they realized the passengers were gaining control, they shot it down.


I love this stuff; fascinating reading for years.

Sorry, this phrase kept resurfacing in my diseased mind, and curiousity finally got the better of me.

One of the links (probably worksafe, by which I mean there are no pictures or popups, or anything) is just too surreal for words:


There’s nothing quite as touching as having the star of Discipline Down on The Farm, Spanked in Front of The Class, and Over Auntie Janet’s Lap recommend lighting a candle for those who lost their lives on that day.

I’m all over verklempt.

Why not? Would you say the same about the gay community? The black community? Or even the Ku Klux Klan community. What about the SDMB community? Does belonging to a ‘club’ that specialises in anything preclude them from having feelings about what was, after all, an international event?

Anyway, mild rant over. Back to the conversation.

I am more distressed by one of the sites linked to on that first page. The 9-11 Mystery Unravelled site mentions this (and this will be important to all Dopers):

Bolding mine.

This means that the terrorists (or American Airlines) have 1920’s style death rays!!! Be afraid, be very afraid.

No comparison. It’s the immediate incongruity of the presentation. Look at it:

The index of titles creates a series of mental images: A milkmaid with a red bum, a schoolgirl with a red bum, a bratty sister with a red bum, and a stern auntie making good use of a hairbrush to give her niece a red bum. This series is capped with the image of a sombre Catholic ritual in memory of an enormous tragedy. Hilarity ensues. :stuck_out_tongue:

No slam against BDSM folks intended. Some of my best friends are masochists.

Larry, does miss Monroe have any suggestions as to where the melted wax should be dripped?

Oh well, I just don’t see it.

Then again, I think all these tributes to an event never quite hit the right note. Most seem a little trite), so maybe the incongruity’s already there for me.