Groundbreaking New 9/11 Film "September Clues"

Groundbreaking New 9/11 Film “September Clues” reveals the truth about 9/11.

See September Clues in the following five 10-minute segments:
(more to be made)


My opinion on these videos:

If you don’t have time to watch all of them, I’d recommend parts 1 and 5. Those two parts offer NEW ANALYSIS and clear evidence of TV-Fakery.

From a plastic nosecone going in one side of the steel/concrete building and coming out the other, to the mysterious 17 second time difference between the seismic events and official “strike” times, these videos irrefutably prove TV-Fakery.

These videos have become very popular on the internet, have been linked to from (before they took it down), and also on indymedia. With TV-Fakery being the obvious common sense reaction from these videos, the full truth exposure of 9/11 may be closer than we think! But this will only happen if each of us do our part in exposing it.

TV-Fakery of what? Are you saying the buildings are still there?

I tried to watch video 1, but it was such arrant nonsense that I had to quit, unable to decide whether to laugh at the lies being told or hunt down the idiots who made it to find out what sort of drugs they took.

First: I never saw the “fade to black” on 9/11 or on any of the replays. That is something that the idiot CTs inserted for their own enjoyment.

Second: the views they showed with their “explanation” are based on distant photos from North of the towers, but I have seen multiple views shot from the Southeast that actually show the plane (a real live Boeing) hitting the tower.

Third: their idiotic conspiracy requires that not only the government, but the entire news departments of at least five separate corporations, including everyone from the news editors down to sound- and camera-men and their spouses along with every person in Tower 1 on the south side of the building, have all gone along with the conspiracies and not one has broken in six years. (This depsite the fact that we could not keep Abu Ghraib a secret for even six months.)

That would be my guess–and is consistent with the level of intelligence displayed in the videos.

I recommend the latter course of action, and be sure to share your findings with the Teeming Millions.

Just for the sake of fighting ignorance, as you will understand.

Unfortunately I looked at the first video also (I will never get those 3 minutes back, dang!).

One group you left out of the conspiracy are the passengers on the planes and their relatives. I believe they were all transported to an island where they are locked in a constant struggle against the “others” and must press the enter button every 3 minutes or so otherwise something bad will happen…

I watched about 4 minutes of the first vid. Apparently the film makers are claiming that the buildings were asploded from the inside, and that there is vast conspiracy involving the cooperation of every TV network, the US govt, and millions of random citizens to pretend that airplanes were involved by splicing in footage of airplanes and/or lying about seeing actual airplanes crash into the buildings.

I decided to go outside and watch my dog take a shit instead of finishing the “film;” far more entertaining and educational.

This is getting silly really, and somewhat depressing. One drawback of the internet is that previously isolated paranoid schizophrenics are now able to communicate and bolster one another’s delusions.


As a guy who once worked on a computer terminal, and even in a classroom that made the college news, I have to say:



The video lost me when they showed the micro precision “match” of the nose of the plane before and allegedly going out the building “intact”. please, even my computer graphics teacher would have flunked one if he had attempted to pass that as a precision match, and then when the video mentions that that fakery was done in real time to hide a missile… well there is no need to waste more time with this, let us say that it does not break any new ground.

Oh it’s breaking new ground all right…

I was referring to this conspiracy as being groundless. :slight_smile:

tomndebb, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the conspiracy. He said these videos are popular. On the internet. That has to mean something.

It means that 9-11 conspiracy theorists have the attentions spans of a gnat on meth.

This has actually been an open secret in the New York/New Jersey area for some time now. I’m surprised it took this long for the news to spread to the Internet.

Actually, they appear to have attention spans that give new meaning to the word “tenacious.” Unfortunately, in their world EVERYTHING is conected to exactly one single event so that the hair curlers of a woman getting a perm in Queens and butterflies in Thailand are all parts of the same grand conspiracy.

(In fact, from the numbers and varieties of people who are required to be co-conspirators, it appears that the only people in the entire U.S. (perhaps the world), who were NOT in on the conspiracy are the CTs.
[sotto voce], There are only 6 billion people on the planet Earth, however, 5 billion, 987 million, forty three of them were in on the conspiracy to pretend that the WTC was destroyed by crashing planes into the sides of WTC 1 and WTC 2. [/sotto voce], )

To be fair, I think the CT I have heard is that, sure, planes crashed (were made to crash) into the buildings, but no way could that alone collapse them, so there was also explosives inside.

Though to be even fairer, after reading some of the initial comments, I decided to preserve precious moments of my life by not watching the videos. Don’t tell me these ones claim that the plane crashes never took place, either?

Yes, that is what they claim.

I’m sure the families of those on the planes would love to know what happened to their loved ones if the planes never hit the towers. So conspiracy theorists, what happened to the planes?

I think I speak for everyone when I say “mashed potatoes” and “apple pie”.

There’s no debate here. Can we move it to the pit so I can try out a really awesome new insult I just made up?

WTC 2, from southwest, hit by Boeing banking slightly to port without a missile in sight.

WTC 2, from south. hit by same model Boeing banking slightly to same degree to port producing exactly the same gray/white dust cloud exploding back from the plane and the same yellow green (initial) flame on the other side of the building without a missile in sight.

WTC 2, from southeast, hit by same model Boeing in a bank, throwing back the same gray cloud while flames erupt on the same side of the building as in the last two videos and still there is not a missile in sight.
WTC 2 hit as seen from north with no “blackout” as claimed by CT nutcases in video 1 of OP.

(It is interesting to me that so many nutcases have images on the web that Google nearly always has images from the nutters rather than the news services–yet despite the voiceovers claiming conspiracy, the evidence in the videos never changes and the images still show a Boeing hitting the building.)

Video 1 claims that two separate videos of the plane hitting WTC 2 were blacked out just about the time the “missile” hit and a superfast digital editor “painted” the planes onto the selection that was then broadcast to the public–despite the fact that the “editor(s)” had to intercept live feeds, one from a building and one from a helicopter, match the digital imagery exactly where it would be needed, regardless of the probably random positions of the camers, and then the video was released to the gullible public. (Hence my choice to show three separate views of a real plane hitting the building.)