Bunnies: a PSA

The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies will make its web premiere tomorrow, 7.21.05.


This has been a public service announcement.

Thanks. It’s been a while and I see they’ve added several more films since last I checked…

The only one I have seen is “It’s a Wonderul Life.” Now I have to rush home to see the rest.


Trust me, “The Exorcist” and “Jaws” are the two best. But I’m REALLY excited about RHPS by bunnies. :smiley:

I really needed a laugh…thanks for the link! The only ones I knew existed were “The Shining” and “Titanic” parodies.

Those two have my fave bunny moments–“You’re gonna need a bigger boat” and the bunny version of Tubular Bells.

Thanks, Andros. I ignored all the Harry Potter hype, but bunnies doing Rocky Horror sounds fun. :smiley:

Yes, yes, we think with the same mind! Although, “The Power of Christ Compels You, The Power of Christ Compels You” in that squeeky bunny voice is tres memorable. :wink:

So uhh… it’s been the 21st for nearly 5 minutes now. Where’re my transvestite bunnies?! :smiley:

It’s available now

They now have Pulp Fiction, too.

They had to change the bunny version of Tubular Bells, for fear of legal action. I was bummed.

Excellent. Not her best, but still great.Loved having the audience on screen. The mouseketeer roll call was great, especially with the cut to Frank’s “[help me,] mommy” line. Not enough Riffraff. But the Time Warp easter egg made up for it.

[spoiler]Sorry, that would be Brad’s line, of course. Not enough coffee yet.

I also loved the fainting Janet.[/spoiler]