bunny sightings

Are you supposed to be seeing bunnies running around in your neighborhood?

In the last week, we’ve seen (at least 3)brown bunnies in yards and the yard in front of our condominium area.

This is a high traffic area, I was just wondering…

I see them around my apartment complex all the time. This is also a high-traffic area in metro Atlanta.

I see rabbits all the time on my smoke breaks at work. I work on Offutt AFB (Omaha,NE) and they are EVERY where. Now dont yell at me, but I actually killed one once. I was standing outside smoking. I hear a rustling in the bushes and them BAM! Somethign smacks into my ankle. I look down and there is a dying rabbit. Was quiet sad to see. So I take a step away from it and see out of the corner of my eye, a fairly large fox trotting away in the opposite direction. Freaked me out. We also have Racoon’s and wild cats on base. Its like a fricken zoo out there.

Rabbits adapt to the suburban enviroment quite well. The fact that you have rabbits in the area is a good thing… it means that you’ve got a nice suburban wildlife environment going.

My mom has one that shows up in her yard on a schedule: The Five O’clock Rabbit.

We have a Six O’clock skunk, for what it’s worth.

I have rabbits come and visit my yard on occasion but most of the time the turkeys visit.


I occasionally see rabbits on my way to the train in the morning, and I live in a mostly residential area of Chicago. Sometimes I’ll see two or three the same morning, and once I even saw what was either a baby or a midget rabbit.

Back in my younger days, I used to occasionally drop by the Playboy club. The bunnies there were bigger than the ones in my neighborhood. :smiley:

Bunnies are pretty cool. We’ve always had them living in our yard (in the suburbs, right next to the freeway) and there are also bunny families that live in certain other places on the block.

It’s pretty neat, they’re always in the same places every year, at the same times of the year and at the same times of day.

Where did you think bunnies lived? The forrests are all gone :wink:

Plenty of bunnies here in the far northern suburbs of Dallas. My kids love 'em.

Of course, I hate to see the bunny carcasses in the street when they zigged when they should have zagged.

Without getting into my often long winded ways, I’ll just report that I’m near the center of a very large city and we have the occasional bunny, some quite large, along with plenty of 'coons and possums.

My son tries to get close but they run off. Of course!

We have seen a skunk last week at 6 p.m. when it was still daylight.
Is this odd? I thought they were nocturnal?

never see any bunnies