In one corner:
Cute fuzzy baby bunny.

In the other corner:
Wee sleekit cowrin’ beastie.

Who will win?
Place your bets!

Into the herbs again, I see. :smiley:

Jomo Mojo, you are one sick puppy.

Sick, sick, sick. :rolleyes:

If the bunny is large enough and the mouse is small enough, the bunny can eat the mouse. Match over in a matter of seconds.

I’m putting money on the bunny. Man, have you ever had one go Watership-Down on you? Those back claws are frikking wicked, seriously!

Yup, put my money on the bunny, honey.

If you violate what a bunny considers to be their “personal space” watch out, 'cause it is no mercy time. The bunny will let you have it with both front and back paws and its teeth which can go all the way down to the bone, no problem.

Wheras all the mouse has is teeth, and none too big ones either.
So, hands down, it’s the bunny.

Does this really need a discussion.

Rememeber Python Holy Grail & The Killer Rabbit? They had to use the Holy Hand Grenade on it.

Bunny beats Mouse. Mouse scares elephant. Elephant eats bunny.