Buon Natale! I had a real Italian Christmas!

Hello everybody,

You must understand that my family is way dysfunctional and mean. Nary a holiday gathering goes by that somebody doesn’t yell at somebody, make somebody cry, guilt trip somebody over something trivial, or some variation thereon. I have always identified strongly with my Italian half, but I never had a real warm convivial Christmas dinner with loving, easygoing company.

But tonight, my best friend took me home to her family’s house, and it was soo terrific – they had game hens wrapped in bacon! They interrupted dinner periodically to take pictures of the whole two long tables’ worth of guests for their cousin in Italy! (at one point, we all were asked to hold up delicious cookies sent from the cousin’s home town.) Everyone was gracious and had interesting things to say, and one lady was an awesome ten-cat-having lady. (Her husband said, “She has ten cats, I have ten cars.”)

It was like a great big infusion of my missing heritage. Thank you, Suzie’s awesome family and friends!

That is all.

Man, that sounds like serious fun!

You should see if you can score copies of the pictures and post them for us … especially the cookie one =)

Sadly, while I’m not Italian, my wife is, and it is to her family we traditionally go for Christmas, and her family is much more like yours than your friend’s.

Beato/a a te!