My Best Christmas

Something about Christmas gets me down, all the guilt associated with it etc etc. I usually am away from my home country and people find this inexcusable.
This year a friend and I are having a huge video and gourmet food/wine weekend for the two days. No relatives (not that they are bad, there is just a pressure associated with seeing people you haven’t seen all year and eveyone ends up talking about the other relations)and no real outside influences. In our cold London days, this sounds perfect to me.
If anyone wants to join, pillows will be provided along with couch chairs.
Is anyone else doing something different this year? Love to hear it

I have to agree with you, it gets me down as well.

This year I will take my son to mass as usual on Christmas Eve. They always have a children’s service where the minister has all the kids come up to the front to watch the laying of baby Jesus in the cradle. Its quite amazing to watch as they all want to touch the baby (doll).

On Christmas morning it will be very exciting watching him run around with excitement as he checks to see what Santa brought him.

At 1:00 my son will go to his father’s house and I have been calling around to find out which missions will be serving dinners to the poor. I’m going to go down for a few hours and help out.

Then I’m coming to your place to eat, drink and be merry :wink:

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good

CanadianSue you have inspired me…I think that volunteering is the REAL christmas spirit