Christmas alone

So I’m going to be by myself for Christmas for the first time in…I think ever.

My Ex has our son that day, so I won’t be spending it with him. I don’t have anything lined up with friends (and post-divorce I have few friends). A work-buddy invited me over for Thanksgiving, which was really awesome and I was tickled to hang with with his family, we all had fun. But I’m at loose ends for X-mas. I’m visiting family in Illinois next week, so I’ll have seen all the family back there already, and can’t really afford to travel again this month.

So, what do single people away from family, perhaps in a new city and haven’t made many contacts yet, do on Christmas? Any suggestions for distractions that day? Watching TV / internet surfing seems a bit hollow.

I’d like to do something good for my well being, but it’ll likely be cold or rainy so outdoor stuff would be limited. Maybe I’ll go volunteer somewhere, I’ve done that before though on Christmas the charities seem to have a surfeit of help that disappears on non-holidays (I usually try to give/volunteer throughout the year instead).

Anyway, I’m NOT trying to do a pity party – I’m just wondering what other folks do to fill holiday times.

You can go to the movies with all of the Jewish people in your town.

Hmm, I left out one obvious activity - attending a Christmas church service. I’m not really religious, but I do have some fond memories of attending Christmas (usually Eve) services when I was a kid, so maybe I’ll seek out something of that sort, though it’s not something I’ve done in a couple of decades.


It hadn’t even occurred to me that movie theaters would be open on Christmas.

Might be a bit early for something like this, but if you were interested in doing the big Christmas dinner, you could go to and look to see if there’s a local group of singles getting together for Christmas.

Personally, I usually go with lots of video games, movies, popcorn and beer, but I understand that’s not for everybody.

I don’t know. I was alone one Christmas and I ended up reading all 1200 pages of Gone with the Wind from start to finish. It was blissful. No one bugging me that we had to eat, or that we had to do anything at all. I wouldn’t want to do it every Christmas, but there is something blissfully freeing about starting a really good, really long book and knowing you don’t have to stop it for anybody or any reason.

My two cents anyway.

Anyway, you’ll come to realize how unimportant the actual day is. What matters is when you celebrate it. So when you have your son, that is your Christmas, and Christmas Day is the day all to yourself. You could volunteer, I guess. Me, like I said, would pile up all the blankets and make a nest and eat crackers and cheese and read all day.

You’re divorced, why don’t you plan on doing something you never or rarely did in your married days?

I’ve spend some Christmases and Thanksgivings alone and I"m fine with it. I just plan a lazy day. Sleep in. Leisurely coffee and breakfast treat. Maybe watch a holiday parade on TV. Get dressed around noon (or not). Call family to say Happy [holiday]. Sometimes I’ll make myself a nice dinner, sometimes I say the hell with it.

Really, I do anything I want to, and enjoy the quiet. I wasn’t able to go to the family last year, so spent a lot of last Christmas reading in front of the fireplace with the cats.

And eat Chinese food with all of the Jewish people in your town.

And after the movie, get a nosh at the local Chinese restaurant. :slight_smile:
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Definitely check MeetUp. There is surely something on there.

Is there a more offbeat volunteer opportunity? Maybe at a nursing home? In DC, there are always dinners for Peace Corps volunteers that are in DC for medical care. Dig deep enough and you may find something odd like that.

Go volunteer at a shelter.

If the weather was good, I used to take long street bike rides on Thanksgiving and Christmas if the ex had my daughter. It was great, the roads were vacant, most of the cops seemed like they were absent. I didn’t want to do something that reminded me of my “singleness” like hang out with other singles. I like my own company just fine and the bike was happy to have something to do. If you can remove the Norman Rockwell hype from those days, they’re just another day.

mind the gap

Start with lovely new pjs (can’t wear until Xmas eve!)
Then a book you’re dying to read.
Some trinkets, (toys, puzzles, things to tinker with!)
Magazines (get the one you think is a little dear!)
Favorite candy, yummy fruit in the fridge.
Go to a service in the prettiest church you can walk to.
Plan a great dinner, (all the things you love!) purchase ahead maybe!
Likewise with snacks for the movies, (one Christmas, one old, one current! )

Boxing Day morning, bundle up and walk out to a fancy coffee, return with lots if newspapers and make a big breakfast.
Read and nap away the afternoon, consuming leftovers of yesterday’s feast!

Actually, no. I just checked. No Meetups within 50 miles of where I live (extreme South SFBay, CA) on or around the 25th.

Yeah, I’ll check around and try to find something. I do like the idea of volunteering more, since I have a lot of free time when my son is with the ex.

Right, but again if my teenage son isn’t with me (ex and I alternate weeks), I can do that sort of thing every alternate weekend, so it doesn’t seem like a special treat, just another quiet weekend day.

Yes, of course. And I’ll have SqueegeeJr the whole next week after Christmas, and I have most of that off of work so we can do things together. Of course, he’s 15 so he mostly likes to sit in front of YouTube all day, despite my efforts to coax him away, but I manage to succeed sometimes. I’m hoping to spend some time with him the day before or after Christmas, but I don’t know how that’s going to work out since I don’t have custody that week, and he’s a bit clueless that maybe he should try to also make time to spend with Dad when there’s a holiday (as I found out at Thanksgiving) rather than just seeing me a week later. But, hey, it’s not all about me, so whatevs.

I came in to say go to a movie and then eat Chinese food, but Chaco’s got a great idea…

Watch a marathon of a tv show you like. Or a trilogy of movies.

Drink a lot, and play the new video game you wanted (and got yourself for Christmas)

If I were you I’d have three things planned:

  1. I’d volunteer somewhere.
  2. I’d go to a movie, or two.
  3. I’d buy a great steak and have an amazing dinner.

Sure it might be better to do these things with someone. But doing them alone won’t be so bad.

Well, sure, but in my experience everybody volunteers at the shelter on Christmas. I went last year and there was little to do because there were almost more volunteers than people going to the shelter for services. (And, yes, I’ve already donated money there this month.) I need to find something more offbeat I think, someplace that actually needs the help. I’ll dig something up for during that week, if not on Christmas day.

Hmm, something I rarely did while married? I’m not sure I can dig up a willing partner that quickly! (Ba dump bump!) :smiley: Thanks, I’m here all week.

Yeah, I too have heard everyone volunteers at the shelters and people really aren’t needed.

Here’s something else you can do: buy or make New Year’s cards, handwrite notes in each of them, and send them to people. From casual acquaintances to old friends, I would send them. It would let people know you’re still around. Making them is better because you can entertain yourself, too.

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