Bosda Starts The Traditional "Alone For Xmas" Thread.

Not a soul to spend it with, really.

Visited my parents grave on the 24th, with, in point of fact, is the anniversary of Dad’s death.

Nothing to do on a rainy Xmas but watch old movies.

I hate Christmas.

Well, I’m posting from work, so, yeah.

Not my favorite holiday.

Ah, my kinda thread.

Has anyone else noticed that… hicLonesome Town by Ricky Martin sounds like… hicAll I Have to Do is Dream by the Everly Brothers?

Cuz it does.

Well I worked today, 11-7, though I was done early and left at 6 before they served the traditional company meal because I wasn’t in the mood really.

Now home waiting for my 2 Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pies to cook.

My kids and my ex called on the phone while I was at work to say Merry Christmas and to thank me for the presents. It was a nice gesture but it did reinforce the idea that I no longer have a family at home, and that the weekend I was supposed to see my kids (two weeks ago) didn’t happen because my ex forgot and bought them concert tickets instead…

Oh well, at least it’s over. Back to surfing the Dope.

I am alone. This is the 15th Christmas in a row. My dog is here and he is great company. He is enjoying every time I say “It is Christmas, have another treat!” Before I started working from home I always volunteered to work Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.

Also it is Ricky Nelson not Ricky Martin:)

I went and blew 50 bucks in a casino. I had lots of company!

My kids are here now. Of course they just hang out in their rooms, so I might as well be alone. My bonus is that I’m taking them shopping tomorrow on Boxing Day in Canada; think Black Friday for the US.

Just shoot me now.
(Not really. I love being a dad at this time of year and helping them out.)

I’m alone today, and that’s fine with me. I have very little family, and the closest relative is a two-hour drive away. Besides, we’ve had a lot of snow in the past few days, and the roads have not been good, so I’m glad I told her not to expect me this year.

It’s been a day of TV, surfing, and playing with the cats. I’ll have a drink in a while, then I’ve got a nice dinner planned. Later, some old movies.

You’ve got a CAT? You are not alone. Good day to you, sir!

I’m so pathetic I watched “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” today. No one here but me and the dog. My parents passed away 12 years ago. The rest of my family is in Pa. I’m in Az. I have a couple of Hungry Man Turkey dinners I’ll stick in the microwave and share with my dog. I’ll give my brother a call later. We’re friendly with each other, but don’t talk much because of the distance. At least he has children and grandchildren.

Merry f***ing Christmas.

I don’t feel sorry for myself, though. At least I’m alive and fairly healthy.

My childhood was abusive and holidays were pretty bad, and now being alone and mostly ignoring xmas is a step up from that.

As I once put it:

“For me, the 25th is what keeps the 24th and the 26th from happening at the same time.”

I once did the google thing with old flames (the one who got away and the most prominent of the 'got away froms". Found obits.

The universe has indicated that it wants me to be alone on this day. Who am I to argue?

I am comfortably alone, except for my three cats. I got a call from my mobile home park’s former manager, who is 81 and a bundle of energy. Also a compulsive cook and preparer of big dinners for those (like me) who have no family. I got turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, carrots, cranberry sauce, crab salad, rolls and pumpkin pie. Now I am unable to walk, which is not a problem.

THANK YOU, Jane! You are the very best!

I spent Christmas alone. I smoked weed watching Clerks at sunrise, had a bottle of wine, had apple pie, went to sleep. Slept all day. Its 5AM and I have had chicken soup and coffee. At 1 expecting Mom to bring me turkey (I got turkey for mom as Christmas gift)

Merry Xmas Dopers

I hear crazy local’s Hallelujah screaming chants

We had our Christmas at Thanksgiving due to scheduling issues.

I live near my parents, but my mom didn’t want to do anything. (She feels obligated to do something special even if I say, “Don’t!”) So I was solitary, which really doesn’t bother me–done it before, will do it again.

My parents had their first Christmas as a married couple without children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren around since 1956. Must have seemed weird.

I cashiered in the store yesterday. Since it was Friday, we were only open 9 -2, as we close two hours before sundown for Shabbos (Jewish Sabbath). Usually I work 11 hours on Christmas, with double pay.

Is anything sweeter than a five year old boy wearing a yamaka wishing you a “Happy Christmas”?

But mostly the day sucked.

Two words: Soup kitchen.

Volunteering or a customer?

Since I have no family (other than the four-footed ones who don’t know what Christmas is), I went into the county animal shelter where I volunteer to help clean the cages. The animals there also don’t know what Christmas is and have to be fed, watered and their cages/kennels cleaned every day, holiday or not.

Turned out it was a good thing I did. There were two kennel techs scheduled and their job is to clean the cat section. The dog kennels are done by convicts from the local jail. (They don’t let the convicts clean the cats’ cages. I’m told it was tried and didn’t work out, but was never given details as to how it didn’t work out.) But the crew from the jail never showed up even though they were supposed to. And it’s not like they had anywhere else they’d be going.

So it was the two kennel techs and me to do the whole thing though I only did cat cages. It freed one person to start cleaning the dog kennels.

But I didn’t spend the day alone as I was invited to friends for dinner. I have spent other Christmas alone (even without four-footed company). It doesn’t bother me too much, though it’s not like I go around saying “Oh, joy, I don’t have anyone to spend Christmas with!” I just have a nice (but easy) meal, any presents I got are saved for Christmas day to be opened, and do whatever with the rest of the day.