Burger King goes under

The Burger King on Markham closed. I doubt that this is because I declared on the Dope that I didn’t eat there anymore. Still, maybe folks didn’t want to wake up with the King…
Not long since the McDonald’s down the road closed. Now the nearby med students and other riff raff will be patronizing Wendy’s and Back Yard Burgers. Thank goodness the Greek Castle is unknown to such folks and that Kroger’s has Healthy Choice on sale.

Until a few months ago my local shopping centre had both a Burger King and a Maccas. They’ve both since closed too. Healthier eating habits must be cutting into their profits.

The only thing that would cut into their profits here is not enough customers able to afford the .99 hamburger. Must be the health department discoverd the mutated super rats.

Thank God. For a second there I thought the thread title was, “Burger King goes down.” I had a sudden, awful vision of that plastic-masked guy from the TV ads doing… doing… no, I can’t even think of it, let alone write it.


Good gad, Sir.
You have disgusted me, and caused me to be pensive.

Can you imagine the King a homeless person as more and more Kings go dow…under…across the state? Like a Midnight Cowboy, performing acts for a .99 Whopper Junior…but there will be no Whopper Juniors, because the King is a broken travesty, like the homeless who used to sleep in his dumpsters, and now huddle behind the cash resgister, burning Whopper wrappers and anpkins for warmth, and pay the King a quarter for his disgusting services.

Oh, the horror, the horror.

The only Burger King echo still dimly present in my mind is Devo, performing the '70s commercial jingle Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us, all we ask is that you let us serve it your way in an anguished/strangled/frantic voice. Parody transforming banality into disturbing art rock. It was annoying to begin with, and Devo made it vastly more annoying.

I am pissed because our TWO local Burger Kings closed.

They were the only fast food burgers I could stand to eat w/o a bun. And I’m back to eating burgers w/o a bun :frowning:

I was pretty surprised to see BK going down the tubes, what with their “new image” and all.

Thanks to this thread, I am not going to sleep well tonight.

The local Burger King shut down about the time those extremely offensive sexual inuendo ads showed up on television.

Homeless fast food entrepreneurs are a growing problem in the United States and Canada.

They all closed here, except for the one out on the Air Force base. But that’s because the guy who owned them all could not find a buyer at his price when he left the state.

And why was he forced to leave the state?
Wake up with the King one too many times?

In my old neighborhood in Seattle there was a Burger King that closed suddenly apparently during business one day. I happened to be walking by about a day after eating there and noticed the drive thru literally barricaded with debris (cinder blocks and wooden boards). I walked up and peered in the window. Crowns were on some of the tables, as well as trays (no food left out though) cups were strewn over the floor as if they had been stacked and accidentally knocked over in a rush. Buns laid out on racks were clearly visible in the kitchen. I circled the building, because hey… creepy abandoned fast food restaurants are my thing… and on a side entrance was a sign taht said something to the affect that the franshise owners had had a dispute with the Burger King parent company and decided it just wasn’t worth it to stay in business. If employees wanted their last paychecksright away they could call or come by the owners house.
About a month later it reopened as a non-chain burger place. Most of the food was too expensive for what you got but they made real milkshakes and amazing fresh cut fries.

Then I moved to another neighborhood and the same thing happened. The BK closed down only to reopen as a non-chain. Unfortuately this place was WAY too expensive although they had a good theme. It was meant to be a backyard barbecue type place, so thicker burgers, potato salad, hot dogs, that kind of thing. It later closed and reopened as a Burger King a few years later.

My mom and dad live nearby in Hillcrest. We were driving by the now demolished McDonald’s about a week ago. Dad just noticed it was gone, and my mom ridiculed him for being unobservant (I think it’s been closed for about 6 months or more, now). I shall wait to see how long it takes them to notice their lack of Burger King. It will probably take a while since they usually do pizza as their fast food of choice (Damgoode or U.S. Pizza)

Ask and ye shall receive…

Needless to say, this is NOT at all work safe.

I envy their being within walking distance of the Afterthought.

Yeah, I posted about that. The closed it and bulldozed the sucker. Sure there were surley kids working there…actually they were rather polite, just kind of dumb. Nothing else has been built there, and now the Greek Palace of whatever is the only place nearby to get breakfast.

This morning BK is a pile of matchwood with a steam shovel sitting in the middle.
The sign is still there, “New BK coming soon!”
Seems like it would be cheaper to use the same building.
…and the Hostess cupcakes I bought at the 7/11 aren’t chocolate.