Burger King stackers

These burgers start with the $1 version which has bacon, cheese, and a beef patty. The $2 gets another beef patty. The $3 one gets another slice of cheese and a beef patty added to the $2 one.

For $3, then, you get 3 patties, 2 slices of cheese, and bacon in a bun.

If I could eat this stuff, I’d buy three $1 stackers and put the innards on one of the buns. Then I’d have three patties, three cheese slices, and three layers of bacon in a bun. My dog would enjoy the other two buns.

This bit of meat math is based on the burgers as shown on the B.K. commercial.

Just sayin’.

I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

(Actually, I’m just glad this was someone else’s first thought. Got me nothing but funny looks when I said it.)

Years ago, I used to always order two Fuddrucker’s kids meals, instead of a normal burger. For less than the cost of a normal meal, you’d get more food AND two cookies. It was a hell of a deal.

Mmmmm. . .double everything! Triple everything might kill me. . .wait, are these roughly normal-sized $1 burgers, or are they tiny like White Castle?

Back when I used to eat a lot more fast food, I loved the char-broiled goodness of Burger King. Their coated fries, however, were the devil’s work. I might have to go get a couple of single stackers and pick up some Wendy’s fries for a stroll down flavor memory lane.

Drat, Wendy’s fries have changed. Oh well, they’re still pretty good, certainly better then the BK version covered with devil-goo.

I’m going to bet that these are like the $1 double cheeseburgers that they started flogging last year after McDonalds dropped the double cheeseburger in favor of the McDouble, which was still just $1 but only had one slice of cheese. In Burger King’s case they did indeed sell a $1 double cheeseburger, but if you wanted lettuce or onion or tomato or almost anything else on them they charged you up the nose for them, therefore adjusting the price back upwards to what they really want to charge.

And the few times I tried them they would just ask if I’d like those things without mentioning that they cost extra, so my $2 order came back as like $4.72.

So these are probably good if you just like meat and cheese and ketchup, but it’s kind of a lie if you’re expecting or willing to get something more.

And bacon. Mustn’t forget the bacon.

That’s weird. I’ve eaten a bunch of Buck Doubles but they never tried to upsell me. In fact, I never knew you COULD get lettuce or tomato on it. It was always a dollar. I was bummed when I went by BK the other day and said they had discontinued the Buck Double in favor of their new stackers, which aren’t as good of a deal.

At any rate, you don’t get lettuce or tomato on ANY of the big three’s dollar double cheeseburgers: McDouble has pickles and shredded onion, and Wendy’s Double Stack has pickles and real onions. Tomato and lettuce are for rich people!

Similarly, at McDonalds, you can buy three of the 4-pack McNuggets for $3 which will end up being cheaper than the 10 piece.

And people don’t look at you nearly as funny when you do this. They think this is a good idea, but remaking a burger is just “weird.”

Bacon is meat, yes? :dubious: :slight_smile:

Oh no, BK has dropped the buck double? :sad: That was a once-every-six-weeks treat for me.

Perhaps I am a heretic, but I don’t like cheese on my burgers. I always order my double cheeseburgers without cheese (because most places don’t have double hamburgers on the menu.)

I have discovered that I prefer to get two Whoppers Jr. rather than a single Whopper. I didn’t actually do the math to see if it was a bargain, but it seemed it was slightly more food, but not enough more that it became a burden.

I didn’t say I do it. Just that the math works out :slight_smile:

You don’t even need to go to three to get a bargain - 2 4-packs are cheaper than a 6-pack.

Add me to the list of people sad to hear of Buck Double’s possible demise. :frowning: It was good stuff.

Yeah, MrWhatsit thought the same thing. He seemed genuinely bewildered that this wasn’t immediately and clearly obvious to everybody. “Why would anyone buy the $3 triple? That just doesn’t make sense.”

This reminds me of a stupid story from about 8 years back in Northern NJ. We went into BK, where they were running a 99 cent Double cheeseburger special. So I order three double cheeseburgers with no cheese, fries and Large soda, and when they ring me out it comes out to like 10 bucks. I say “That’s impossible, the burgers are only $1 each.” They respond that Double HAMBURGERS are NOT ON SALE, only the Double Cheeseburgers. When I asked to speak to the manager, he refused to give me the deal, so we walked out. From that day on we never ate at that Burger King, and every time we drove past we would give them the finger and say “F— You, Burger King!”

It must have been that one location; I’ve never had that problem at any BK. Although if I order a Quarter Pounder withOUT Cheese at McD’s, the odds are usually 50-50 that it will have cheese on it.

And that sucks because the manager probably wanted to go along with you, but can’t due to the way the register is set up to record orders and sales. When I was a McSlave people used to try the ol “I’ll have a hamburger with cheese” trick, since the price of an extra slice of cheese was less than the price difference between a hamburger and a cheeseburger for whatever reason.

While I’d have personally had no problem awarding them their silly victory the computer wouldn’t have it. If you entered Hamburger+Cheese it automatically changed it to Cheeseburger. Now a good manager would have just told them to put it through as a cheeseburger order and then told the grill person to hold the cheese or just made it himself good fast food managers are rare as hens teeth.

OPs (and the responses following, of course) like this are exactly the reason as to why I love this message board. Sheer brilliance!