Burn card in Texas Hold-Em - Up or Down?

For those of you that play Texas Hold-Em …

What is the rule with respect to the burn card?

I played with some new folks recently, and they have a tradition of the dealer showing the burn card (the burn card is the card dealt between the hole cards and the flop, after the pre-flop betting). I have never seen this done before, and although it did nothing but help me (once the burn card was a three of clubs, and it told me that there was no way the guy across from me had a three in the hole, since I knew where all the threes were) but it’s for that very reason that every game I’ve ever played in has had the burn card kept face down.

But I can’t fine a rule, one way or the other.

  • Rick

Burn card is always down.

Maybe they’re taking advantage of this rule?

That’s the only time a burn card is exposed, and even then it becomes a burn card after it’s been exposed. From what I know from working in a casino for six years, all burn cards are face down during the game.

But then there’s someting call “house rules”. If that’s a house rule, you either play by it or you don’t play at all. As long as you know about it beforehand.

There’s no ambiguity - burn cards are always down. The point of the burn card is just to protect against card marking - it should serve no tactical purpose by being exposed.