Burning CD's - help!

I have a Hewlett Packard CD Writer plus 8200 series. I want to burn 80 minute music cd’s, but I can’t get the program to recognise that the cd’s are longer–it still will only let me make 74 minute discs. I know it’s only 6 minutes, but there has to be a way to do this…can anyone help me?

The key point is not which burner you have (I also have a HP8200 and it works fine with 80min discs, BTW), but your software. If it does not handle 80min discs, you’ll need to either update your software or get something else. I use Nero and find it works quite well. Ditto for newer versions (4.0+) of Adaptec’s EZ CD Creator software.

Most of the versions of Easy CD Creator do no recognize the 80 minute cd lengths. You kneed to get a patch for it. It is easy to find using any number of search engines or through the Easy CD Creator website.

I think that in the version of adaptec that shipped with the cd burner you have, when you first add tracks to the cd in the window with the little time bar in the bottom, it will tell you that you are over time. If you keep on going, it will burn the cd correctly after it actually calculates the amount of space on the disc. This is from a foggy memory of something I read on the Adaptec website, so I may be totally off base.

Hey, Spydergirl welcome to the boards. Like the others have said, some programs aren’t designed to show the longer length, but will burn it just fine. This is the case for EZ CD Creator, which I use quite extensively though it often says that I’m going over time (I do believe that, like sewalk said, that this has been changed since 4.0).

OTOH, if it’s actually not burning the CDs correctly, there is a decent chance that it might be a firmware problem. I only say this because my ex-roommate bought a HP 8100 and needed a firmware upgrade to (and I kid you not), have it recognize that there was a blank CD in the drive! Based on this, I wouldn’t be surprised if your drive had trouble recognizing an 80 CD, though this probably isn’t the case. (If it is, just go to HP’s site, poke around the support pages, and it should show up soon enough.)

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Spydergirl_87, what software are you using? I see you left out that info.