Burning the canadian Flag

I heard a very disturbing story today about a canadian flag being burned at an New York Islanders game, while the pro Islanders fans chanted " USA, USA." As a Canadian I am disgusted, I realize not all Americans are not like this, but this happened at the worst possible time. With four Canadian soldiers lying in their graves I am deeply saddened.

So am I.

I haven’t heard that report, but since this is in IMHO, I’ll offer mine: They were nitwits.

What, exactly, would be a better time for burning the Canadian flag?

Would burning the flag have been acceptable prior to the deaths of Canadian soldiers in Afganistan? Of course not. Does the fact that Canadian soldiers died due to friendly fire rather than Al-Qaeda fire somehow create a debt that all Americans owe to us? That’s ridiculous.

Someone should have told them that (a) it is a maple leaf, not a pot leaf, and that (b) it is just a representation of a leaf, not an actual leaf. Smoking the Canadian flag is just plain dumb.

I am very sorry, as an American I am sickened. I can understand the burning of a flag as a form of pollitical protest (as tastless as it is), but over a sporting event? C’mon… That’s just wrong.

The joke is that even if it’s legal to burn flags, it’s illegal to burn the Canadian flag. Why? Because there are very specific laws prohibiting the the burning of leaves. Yeah, I know it’s dumb.

Burning ANY flag at a sporting even isn’t remotely appropriate. Had I (a Canadian) been there, a fight would have broken out, at the very least.

I want to see a cite for this. There should be a news story if it’s true, and I’d hate to see people get mad over a false rumor

I’m in Toronto and I’ve heard no such story and can find no mention of it on the major Canadian newspaper sites.

It is likely an exaggeration of the “booing” by Americans during the Canadian national anthem during sporting events (like NHL games). This was broadcast worldwide. In Canada, the “booing” was also part of a feature with experts from the realms of psychology and sociology explaining the phenomenon.

Unfortunately, one of the first nights Canadian news sources broadcast the “Americans booing our national anthem” did in fact coincide with the friendly-fire incident which added insult to injury.

As for burning the Canadian flag – I’m quite sure that there would have been a lot more press coverage here if that was the case and I haven’t even heard about it in the context of “ugly urban legend.”

The news story is about a week old, but was very well-reported. I saw it on cnn.com, canoe.ca and foxnews.com, among other sources. Unfortunately, I can’t fine these stories anymore - they may be gone from the internet for good. More unfortunately, it’s true. The Canadian national anthem was boo’ed, Canadian flags were snatched from fans’ hands and stomped and burned. This happened within a couple of days of the friendly-fire accident involving the Canadian soldiers - if I recall correctly, a couple of those soldiers were buried that same day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to assure the Canadians on this board that not all Americans (or American hockey fans) are stupid fucking assholes like this group of Islander fans were. In fact, I’m pretty confident that their attitude is not common among that specific fan base, either. You get morons in any large group of people. Sometimes they go above and beyond the call of stupidity, and this is one of those cases. Please don’t let it diminish your opinion of the rest of us down here in the States.

I would like to clarify one point: The flag burnings happened in a couple of isolated cases, apparently in the parking lot before the game. This was mentioned in the news stories I read, but since it wasn’t wide-spread, it wasn’t emphasized.

Islander fans are the absolute worst. I’ve seen more fights at Islander games than at any other sporting event (or concert for that matter). Forget it if they’re playing the Rangers, I won’t even go to those games anymore, you just can’t enjoy it. The story doesn’t surprise me much.

Here’s one story.

This story appears to be true. I wish it weren’t because something like this makes me ashamed to be an American. Even if it is just one or a few isolated cases, why in hell should it happen even once? Have we become so desensitized?

I must be old-fashioned, because I can only barely believe that sportsmanship and respect and hospitality to visitors can be disregarded so egregiously.

Ya know, I’m pretty confident that Canada has just as many morons, per capita, as the US.

It just seems like the American morons are being a lot more vocal lately. :frowning:

Oh, please. They can’t even come up with a good reason to burn our flag. Why don’t they come up to Ottawa like li’l Freddy Phelps and his klan, and burn our flag cos we have gay civil unions?

(A Mountie came over to help him light it properly, to make sure he wouldn’t burn his face off and then cost us our tax money to treat him in hospital.)

Y’know, I’ve been skipping over this thread because I figured it was another random thread bitching about flag-burning as a political comment and I already have my opinions on that (should be legal, but also counterproductive).

Imagine my surprise when I open the thread and see that the flag was burned for a sporting event. Jesus H. Christ. That’s ridiculous. I’m more disgusted at flag burning than I have ever been. It’s a game, and burning something that you know people take solemnly (with good reason) as a way of taunting the other team is infantile and offensive. And I mean offensive to me.

One quick note however: I’m an American and not embarrassed. Those people are not I, and I trust that most Canadians won’t judge me by their actions.

If anyone’s upset at this, simply remember that half the damn team is Canadian so the joke is really on them.

So who won the game anyway?

We should talk to the Bush administration about making Phred Phelps our nation’s number one export.

Do our part to share the wealth.

Okay, but you have to take Celine Dion. Repeatedly.

You get Phelps and we get Celine? I think you get the short end of the stick.