Bush Administration caught revealing spy's indentity to smear him over Iraq


National Security is very important when witholding information from the 9-11 panel, FOI requests, or numerous congressional inquiries- but some one dare expose the house of card that the case for the Iraq War was- what’s national security matter? The smear’s the thing. Just ask Tony Blair.


As usual the Nixonian implusing for cover-up is very strong within the adminstration:

Just like Officer Barbrady: Nothing to see here people- move along. About as smart too.

However, it appears the FBI and CIA, along with members of Congress not in W’s pocket beg to differ.

For the apologists here- don’t bother this was no "accident’:

Nice. Assholes. :mad:

Tricky Dick Nixon is nodding his head in approval.

I am not the only one who feels this way:


Why would they violate the law- to smear someone embarrassed them by exposing “those 16 words” as lies:


Wait, it gets better:

Hopefully Bush remembered to turn off the tape recorders.

Now a rarity for me- praise for a Bush appointee. Someone had enough and has been making a stick over this. Hopefully he/she will not get burned for their integrity, but rather get promoted. Not holding my breath though.


Oops- sorry “him” should be “her husband” in the title.

As attonement here is a link on why 2 or more Senior Bush Adminstation officials where in a smearing mood (laws be damned):

Ouch. Motivation for the crime?


Oh, and a news flah for Cheney:


The White House responds:


Want some syrup with those waffles?

Although, the White House is saying it’s not Rove. And how would they know that?

So does that mean the President knows for sure who did do it? Why is he so sure?


More White House response, this time on the WMD debacle and the attempts to downplay the non-too-flattering report just released:


Here are the laws violated:

Hmm Rove’s back on the hook now.

For those wondering how interested John Ashcroft was in this serious possible national security law violation:

Months, just to open a preliminary inquiry. Gee they should have some results by 2006 at this pace. Well now that this is public, it can’t be covered up anymore, hopefully. Although based on the 9/11 commission and the energy policy precedents, heavens knows they will try.

Your thoughts?

That not only does this put the lie to anything Shrub and ilk said about the importance of national security, but it also puts the lie to anything they ever said about family values. “He criticized us publicly? Let’s see if we can’t get his wife killed.”

Rove is a raving jackass, but i find it hard to believe he’d be this stupid and petty. I hope to God he’s innocent, because if he’s not…

Not only that (as if it’s not bad enough), but this action effectively compromised a key WMD operative. So threaten her life and security, and meanwhile help further stultify the search by removing an investigative asset? Hmmmmmmmm.

I understand that if she was a “handler” of spies, as is being rumored in certain quarters, and said spies were compromised and then killed because of her ID, also alleged, then according to the aforementioned laws the leaker, and anyone who knew of and condoned the leak including the President, is very much eligible to be charged with Murder.

It’s a very serious business but I know we can all rely on Ashcroft’s Justice Department to search relentlessly, relentlessly for the truth.

Now that Tommy Chong is finally behind bars, maybe that will free up enough law-enforcement resources to address this nearly-as-important issue.

Why? Everything I read about the guy tells me this would be typical for him.

From www.ronsuskind.com/writing/esquire/esq_rove_0103.html

yes, but i want to believe him being higher profile would make him more careful, not more corrupt. If he did do this i think he should be executed for treason. Publically.

Character, like murder, will out. Maybe we will see; maybe we will not. I would not bet the farm on anything in this one. Maybe a little bird, or Deep Throat, told Novak.

Well, it occured to me that it might have been linked by a relatively minor but zealous WH functionary, who took it upon themselves to punish violators of omerta.

Trouble with that is, how many people have access to such information as who is or is not a covert CIA operative? The Under Assistant Director for West Coast Promotions?

If what Novak sez is true, that she’s a spook, then the information had to come from someone wired in, in the loop, etc. Unless they leave this kind of information lying around on the desk for the cleaning person to read.

Karl Rove is a creep, an undead kept animate only by massive doses of amphetamines. But how would he know about Ms. Palme’s covert status? He specializes in nasty political shit, why should we expect he would know butkus about CIA personnel?

CNN is saying that Novak is saying that no one in the Bush administration called him.

called him.

Note, that he didn’t say no one told him. Or contacted him, or emailed, or informed…

Well someone has got to connect the dots on the white house enemies list. Who better than Machiavelli ? Rove probably didn’t “know” until he had his minions assemble a poison-file on Wilson as a political enemy.

White House Enemies List, Vol. 1, Aaron A. Aardvark to Boris Badenov, 1600 pgs., Remainder House.

DCI Tenet got involved. So there must be some substance to Novak’s revelations. Otherwise, why would Tenet become publicly involved? It’s a carrer risk to call the cops on your boss. Excepting of course that your boss is the cop’s boss to.

I didn’t realize that it’d taken months for the DoJ to get going, (if they have), on this. No wonder Tenet wrote a note to Ashcroft and released it to the WaPo.

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